whistle blowing

What is a Whistle Blower

You’re a whistleblower if you’re a worker and you report certain types of wrongdoing. This will usually be something you’ve seen at work – though not always. The wrongdoing you disclose must be in the public interest.

Reporting anonymously or confidentially

If you have concerns and want us to know about them, you can report directly to us, in confidence and securely using ProtonMail.

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ProtonMail is a secure end-to-end encrypted email service based in Switzerland, plus the developers have no access to User Data.

Accounts are free (with options for paid plans). The team behind ProtonMail have developed the platform to protect civil liberties online.

If you have any concerns, please contact us in confidence at:


You’re protected if you’re a worker, for example you’re:

  • an employee, such as a police officer, NHS employee, office worker, factory worker
  • a trainee, such as a student nurse
  • an agency worker
  • a member of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

You’re protected by law if you report any of the following:

  • a criminal offence, for example fraud
  • someone’s health and safety is in danger
  • risk or actual damage to the environment
  • a miscarriage of justice
  • the company is breaking the law, for example does not have the right insurance
  • you believe someone is covering up wrongdoing

Personal grievances are not covered by whistleblowing law, unless your particular case is in the public interest.

Report these under your employer’s grievance policy

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) can give you help and advice on resolving a workplace dispute.

Protect (formally called Public Concern at Work) is an independent whistleblowing charity which can explain the types of wrongdoing you can report, your rights, and the next steps that you can take.

The Citizens Advice Bureau is an independent charity that can advise you on your employment rights.

The Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS) can advise you on issues relating to equality and human rights.

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