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Data Update for 17th November 2021

Hello Friends!   Well, deaths were out today and I will update you.   Here is a quick bash through the stats before I finish

Data Update for 9th November 2021

Hello Friends!   If you like to watch a video on this, please see the YouTube Inform Scotland channel. I’m working on a new platform

Data Update for 3rd November 2021

Hello Friends! You’ll never guess what – my latest video on general data got pulled from YouTube! The one where I repeatedly said that the

Data Update for 29th October 2021

Hello Friends!   Here is today’s update. There will be a vlog too on Inform Scotland YouTube channel shortly after posting here, so keep your

Data Update on 20th October 2021

Hello Friends!   Things look to be getting worse again…. I’m afraid. I’m not surprised. Please see YouTube Inform Scotland Channel for the vlog post

Data Update on 13th October 2021

Hello Friends!   We are still here (!) and today I’m going to go light on the blog and use the YouTube video blog to

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