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Data for 22nd February 2022

Hello Friends!   I’m back – after a long long time away – and I’m sorry. I explained my absence in the latest video on

Data Update for 18th January 2022

Hello Friends! Do you feel a new day is dawning? I do. Suddenly, it feels like reason is beginning to poke through. At least 18

Data Update for 12th January 2022

Hello Friends! First, I just put the updated graphs for today’s data on this blog and wrote it up properly later on 14th January –

Data Update for 5th January 2022

Hello Friends and a Happy New Year to you all.   The data look terrible – frankly – but let me take you through them.

Data Update for 22nd December 2021

Hello Friends!   This is likely to be the last data update before Christmas. So Merry Christmas to you. I hope you have exactly the

Data Update for 16th December 2021

Hello Friends! Here are the data updated today. Nothing to panic about whatsoever. Okay – Graph 1 shows a definite 6th wave starting. No doubt

Data Update for 13th December 2021

Hello Friends!   Accompanying vlog at our new video home Bitchute: This is the situation with covid tonight, as I type, below. What absolute

Data Update for 9th December 2021

Hello Friends! I  have had a number of people getting in touch to ask where on earth my latest update is! Sorry. It’s just been

Data Update for 23rd November 2021

Hello Friends!   Here are the latest data on this day when our Scottish First Minister Ms Nicola Sturgeon admitted to Parliament (fairly proudly) that

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