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We are a group of individuals who share a common concern that contextualised data on Covid in Scotland is not as easily available as it should be. In our ranks we have statisticians, virologists, doctors, lawyers, communications specialists and elected members.

The cost of being a lockdown sceptic

This article first appeared on: https://thecritic.co.uk/the-cost-of-being-a-lockdown-sceptic/ In December, the weather changed. When lockdown was re-imposed in England, cold winds blew for public figures who questioned

The First Minister’s Freudian slip

AT THIS WEEK’S First Minister’s Questions, the LibDem leader Willie Rennie had his customary go at Nicola Sturgeon about testing. This time he focussed on

A View from the Left

I became sceptical about the lockdown policy imposed by the government  early on and soon began to oppose it outright. I come from the socialist

Two cris de coeur

Below are two posts by Rod Grant, the headmaster of Clifton Hall School, an independent boys junior school in Edinburgh. He has given permission for

A look at deaths in 2020

Hello Friends! I did an article for Think Scotland, published on 18th December on Deaths in Scotland for 2020, investigating deaths by cause and setting

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