Our members

Here is a list of a selection of our members:

Christine Padgham was a Health Physicist working for the NHS for 6 years before leaving 8 years ago to raise her children and tutor maths and physics privately. Since Summer 2020 she has followed Scottish covid statistics closely, assisting Us For Them Scotland and then helped to set up Inform Scotland. Founder member.

Derek Winton works as a software developer and consultant. He has an MA(Hons) in Philosophy and Mathematics and an MSc in Computational Intelligence. After carrying out an analysis of the ‘gold standard’ Imperial Model, he became sceptical of the case being made for lockdown and acutely aware of the need for accurate contextualised information.

Helen Gray is a mum and small-business owner turned reluctant activist, handing out protest cakes every Saturday in her hometown to mark her opposition to the illiberal, unjustified and harmful impact of Covid restrictions. She blogs on cakeandliberty.org and lives in Fife, Scotland.

Lesley Carnegie worked in Higher Education for over 20 years before taking voluntary severance. She was involved in many different roles from Wider Access and Study Support to lecturing, including teaching research and critical thinking skills to students at all levels. It was the active suppression of debate and argument which first set alarm bells ringing for Lesley and they have continued to clang annoyingly for well over a year now.

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