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Hello Friends!


I’m back – after a long long time away – and I’m sorry. I explained my absence in the latest video on our bitchute channel here


I will put a vlog up to accompany this blog on the same channel – go and look it up if you like.


So here are the data – updated but not including yesterday’s update – sorry. It’s getting harder and harder and harder to get the update in before the government’s update.


Graph 1 shows that the SIXTH wave of ‘covid’ has now subsided to an incredibly high baseline, well above the peak of the winter wave in early 2021.


Graph 1


If you focus on the baseline, ie, where the positivity rate returns to after a surge in positives, you can see very clearly that we have a linear rise in this background rate. For discussion on this see the vlog. Again, this positivity rate is greater than anything we have seen before in the history of this pandemic as a baseline – when do we look like we might trend to near 0% positivity again as we did last summer? Never?

Graph 2


Those of you who know me or have been following me for a while will know that this graph is delightful to me – as newly tested individuals fall off a cliff. It may just be that there are so many Scots now tested we can’t find ‘new’ ones to test… or it might be that people are finally coming to their senses. According to the government data, there had been 4,249,425 Scots reported as having had at least one test as of Tuesday. This Scot isn’t one of them, even when she had Covid and was contacted by Track and Trace. I said, “No. I know I have covid.” and the Track and Trace lady said, “Ok. You have to isolate the same anyway.”

Graph 3


Graph 4 shows more worrying evidence of what is going on in our hospitals. The number of covid-labelled patients is just huge. Either we trust the tests are fantastic and this means that we have still got a very significant problem, despite vaccination of simply huge numbers of people, or the tests are absolute nonsense and we only have the illusion of a problem because of false or clinically irrelevant positives. Either way, deaths are still really high, considering we are two years  in to this pandemic now, and hospital covid occupancy is rising again. Presumably this number of covid-labelled patients is a real problem in the hospitals. We could just stop testing for covid in hospital patients and this problem would just disappear. The jig is up, folks. Nothing stops covid, except early treatment (and high vitamin D levels?). Testing patients to any extent is just squandering resources at this point.

Graph 4


Graph 5 shows how hospital occupancy compares with 2021. Dare I say that it doesn’t look too much better in 2022? Where is this amazing vaccine efficacy at reducing serious illness I keep hearing about? We have a hugely vaccinated population. There seems to be a lot of people needing hospital treatment – unless, again, there are just too many incidental positives being picked up. In either case, there is no reduction in pressure in general on our hospitals following widespread vaccination.

Graph 5


Graph 6 compares deaths in the now 3 calendar years this pandemic has spanned. Deaths this year have been lower than at the same time in 2021 and the latest wave has been enormous. This is the basis upon which vaccine-proponents exclaim the wonders of the vaccine. But why is this epidemic persisting this long to any extent? This wave of covid deaths is similar in size to the autumn wave from 2022 and about a third of the peak from the wave this time last year. This isn’t an incredible success and that is just a fact.


Graph 6


Graph 7 is utterly bizarre. There is nothing natural about the positivity that has been being returned in the first weeks of this year. The positivity being returned by each day of the week is almost linear in every case, and rising overall. This is our new baseline unless someone turns some knobs.

*apologies – x-axis should read Week Number 2020 in to 2021 and 2022

Graph 7


Graph 8 – Community tests are way down and this is simply fantastic news.

Graph 8


Make what you will of Graph 9 – this is the first time we have seen this: the percentage positive of new tests is rising as community lab test numbers is falling. They are usually in sync. It may be that we are doing more targeted testing of people who are actually sick… or it may be that whatever people have in their noses that makes them test positive, there is just more and more and more of it present as time goes on.

Graph 9


Graph 10 shows, and I’m sorry to say it, that there is just frankly overall no general improvement in hospital occupancy compared to the other ‘waves’ in any region in Scotland. The numbers are comparable to the first wave and there is just no denying it. It may be a testing artefact and nothing more (but the management of the patients is still a major headache) or it may be genuine covid needing treatment or a mix of the two. But this is a measure that matters: patients in hospital. And the fact is there is no real improvement after THREE rollouts of vaccine doses. Remember, everything we do as a society now is to Protect the NHS.

Graph 10


Graphs 11 and 12 show vaccination and infection stats in two different ways. I said in a public post on facebook (that got me suspended for 3 days) that there is no coincidence that the latest positive tests trace is so well correlated in appearance with the ‘booster’ roll out. What I mean by this is that the booster is causing the positive tests somehow. We have seen this around the world every time: they vaccinate and then covid numbers go up. I have written about it on this website. We’ve seen it here but it is particularly noticeable in the recent statistics. It may be that the disease is less severe in the vaccinated, but I find it astonishing that there seems to be no curiosity or caution generally in the medical community that it is possible that the vaccine is making people more susceptible to infection. If the vaccine reduces disease severity and this is a known short term effect, then good. But surely if it is also making people more susceptible to infection, that implies a potential worrying loss in immunity may be happening. And this could be a serious concern long-term. If these vaccines were totally safe, this question might not matter. But they aren’t very safe at all. So it does.

Graph 11

Graph 12

Stay sane ?

Stay strong ?

And remember I love you ❤

Christine x

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  • Thank you again Christine…you have reassured me…once again…that my survival instincts are strong despite being bombarded with ” get jabbed” for a year now??

  • Can’t deny the data!

    Well done for having the guts to call a spade a spade Christine. You only have to look around you here in Edinburgh to observe many many triple vaxed getting Covid and some with a pretty debilitating 2-3 week infection. It wouldn’t be the first time a new vax had to be withdrawn because of, not only failure to prevent disease in the real world usage, but actually causing disease enhancement (Dengue Fever vaccine).

    We mustn’t forget what was claimed by Big Pharma for this vax – eg Pfizer got their Emergency Approval based on a supposed 95% reduction in mostly MILD Covid case numbers between vax & placebo. They claimed ONLY 8 cases of Covid in the vax group out of over 20,000 volunteers over the 2 month trial, compared to 162 cases out of a similar number of volunteers in the placebo group. What we are observing in the real world, with many infections in the vaxed, is the exact opposite of what was claimed in the trials.

    Of course, questions over the conduct of the trials have been raised but remain unanswered –

    Keep calling attention to this alarming real world data. Well done!

  • Goalposts belonging to or controlled by all governments, Uk and devolved are amazingly flexible in construction, location and size. If someone as intelligent and focussed as you are is unable to navigate through the obfuscation and fraudulent data that you are presented with, then what chance do us mortals stand? I hope that the members of SAGE and Spi-B have had their warped sights now re focussed from the UK population and directed towards Eastern Europe and will use the same tactics to scare Putin and his ilk.
    Nice to see you back Christine. You are a voice of Christian comfort at a time when our church hides behind locked doors and the Pharisees hide behind their tassels and vestments. Thank you.

  • You’re brilliant Christine.
    Vitamin C (preferably in fruit) is also very effective for treating/preventing Covid.
    Think your right about what we give our attention to. (I’ve been wondering if the Russia situation is being blown up huge to take attention away from vaccine injuries.)
    Huge thanks for keeping me sane in the duration.
    Lots of love back.


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