Data Update for 5th January 2022

Hello Friends and a Happy New Year to you all.


The data look terrible – frankly – but let me take you through them. No panic is warranted but there are some questions urgently needing answered…… but we won’t hold our breath, amirite?


I’ll put an accompanying vlog on BitChute for you – but that might be tomorrow (6th). It’s easier in some ways to explain this with speech rather than text.


This utterly absurd number of positives is 3 times the number we had at the peak of the last ‘wave’. We are now on our SIXTH ‘wave’, well and proper. This is completely absurd and really quite representative of a complete disaster for our services, business and life generally. It is absolutely shameful that this situation is being permitted to continue through obscene levels of testing. The Scottish people have had their lives held in pause for almost two years now, they’ve in the majority submitted to ‘vaccine’ requests/pressure and still we have this situation. When will it end? When we stop obsessively testing ourselves like this. It could end tomorrow. And we’d save a lot of money too.

Graph 1



This eye-watering number of positives is not just because of more testing, either. There are now one third of tests returning a positive. This is literally impossible. We have been exposed to this virus for over two years now, many had existing T-cell immunity when we started and yet still, the virus is finding it very easy to find people to infect – and that’s with THREE vaccines in a majority of the population??????? This makes no sense whatsoever. (See post on Main Page about Pfizer authorisation though.) In CoronaStories podcast with The Rustler the last time we discussed testing and what an absolute joke this is for Omicron now, where a MISSING gene is the criterion for a positive, where that would have returned a negative before… the implications for this are clear. So perhaps it is simply that the testing strategy is now COMPLETELY outdated (even on its own terms), or we have a massive number of false positives – and the vaccines are working perfectly….. OR the ‘vaccines’ are making people incredibly VULNERABLE to covid (see info on Pfizer authorisation) and so the HUGE number of ‘boosters’ delivered before Christmas are making people ill with covid – or ‘asymptomatically’ ‘infected’ with a virus they have been ‘vaccinated’ against.

I really can’t say and don’t know what the answer is but it is one of these possibilities. What a total mess either way.

Graph 2


You can see it hasn’t been an unprecedented number of newly tested individuals. But surely now we will start to see this number come down, because we are running out of new people to swab and then test incorrectly – unless we start testing animals (don’t joke, amirite?).

Graph 3


This surge in hospital occupancy looks terrible (and totally unnatural)…. but there will be many incidental positives in there because we have such ridiculously high numbers of positives coming back. Deaths continue to be flat and delayed discharges continue to be very high compared to last year.

Graph 4


Comparing 2020 to 2021 and 2022 for hospital occcupancy, so far 2022 might not be looking very favourable. The rate of increase is very much higher than it was in 2021.

Graph 5


Positivity by day of the week – it looks horrendous but see comments above. It also, again, looks totally random and too varied day to day to be real. This may be due to reporting lags, but overall the impression (to me) is that the results coming back from the labs are just utter nonsense.

Graph 6


Testing in the community has gone totally bananas. Someone needs to tell Scottish people to stop doing this to themselves. Don’t tell me it’s to stop spread. It’s not working, is it? Because we have (apparently) completely out of control spread.

Graph 7


You can see here that the recent surge in positives returned is not associated with a similar surge in tests conducted. So this is either because we have huge amounts of virus around (which looks terrible for the ‘vaccines’) or because the testing has changed for omicron and is now returning garbage results. Which is it, Scot Gov?

Graph 8


Similarly for positive percentage returned, the recent rise in positivity is not associated with a big rise in testing to the extent seen previously. So maybe that’s because the ‘vaccines’ don’t confer any immunity at all? Or maybe the testing is an absolute mess. As I’ve said.

Graph 9


Nothing much happening in ITU although rising and Highland has entered the fray with 5 patients total. These may be incidental.

Graph 10


Ridiculous unnatural rises in hospital occupancy. Probably incidental ‘cases’ rather than actual illness, which used to be what we cared about.

Graph 11


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that with the fastest rate of vaccinations being the 3rd doses, there was an unprecedented associated rise in positive tests. ??? Hard to say, of course, because 3 doses was never trialled and Pfizer, for example, didn’t test ‘vaccinated’ participants in its trials in case there was reactogenicity between ‘vaccine’ and tests.

Graph 12


Same comments as for Graph 12.

Graph 13


When I started this 15 months ago, I just could never have imagined this testing mania would only be increasing in fervour in January 2022. I thought “vaccination is the way out”? I thought that Scottish people would say, “Well, I got vaccinated and now it’s time I get my life back without reference to a pretty arbitrary test result?”

For so long, it has been clear the testing is all wrong. Many knew it. Few said it.

Then it was clear the restrictions had no impact. Many knew it. Few said it.

Then it was clear the vaccines weren’t going to impact ‘case numbers’ and that this arbitrary number was all the government cared about, and so the vaccine couldn’t be the ‘way out’. People were mainly silent.

Then it was clear that a great many Scottish people were dying (I’ll try and get a blog out about that tomorrow) – many more than there should have been – and that this, one way or another, was because of all the ineffective things we were doing. Still we continued to do what we were doing.

Then it was clear, even ‘boosted’, Scottish people were still going to line up for testing in this way and sign themselves up for house arrest, without any evidence whatsoever any of this was achieving anything except prolonging the absolute nonsense of this ridiculous moment in history.


You can change it. Or you can not change it.

Do whatever you like, but know that one day, each one of us, in some way, will have to account for our actions. I’ll be able to say I’m proud of mine.


Again, Happy New Year.


Stay tuned ?

Stay sane ?

Stay strong ?

And remember I love you ❤

Christine x


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  • Someone I know had their booster on the 27th, felt unwell afterwards and then as they continued to feel unwell tested with a lateral flow on the 31st. Was never confirmed with a PCR, but for whatever reason, they did daily testing and remained positive. This person had not had covid prior to this. Strikes me as incredibly odd/a huge coincidence that they tested positive straight after their booster…

    • I don’t get it. But somehow the vaccines are making people test positive, seems the most likely explanation. The whole thing is totally and utterly bonkers! Christine x

      • If the tests are looking for the spike protein and the jags are causing the body to make spike proteins then it makes sense that after a jag the person would test positive.

  • Thank you for the update Christine!

    Utter madness, no matter what way you look at it.

    What is striking, more than ever, is that your update could be applied almost verbatim to dozens of countries around the world. It’s almost as if governments around the world are in some sort of coordinated lockstep. And after two years of obedient compliance and “just wishing for things to return to normal” so many are choosing (because it is a choice) to continue and deepen the craziness we find ourselves in.

    Thanks again for your heartfelt data crunching. 🙂

  • “The truth will out” despite the efforts of the establishment to hide it, from sources which cannot be suppressed: “The head of Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica said the death rate from the third quarter last year is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels … primarily among working-age people 18 to 64 who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica”.

    Funeral director John O’Looney has a clear perspective on deaths in the community. He reports that the death rate went through the roof in January 2021 just after the start of vaccine rollout. His testimony can be seen in this complaint to the ICC in The Hague:

  • I’d just like to say THANK YOU for this article. You are a voice of reason, compassion, discernment and sanity in a world plunging into the abyss.

    One of the most frustrating aspects of this nightmare is the lack of trustworthy information. It’s mostly hidden behind endless veils of obfuscation. None of us really know the truth and you acknowledge that, but we see enough to make us deeply concerned for the immediate future of humanity.

    It appears to me that Omicron has ended the ‘pandemic’, something our own arrogant little dictator may find inconvenient, but which gives us some hope at least, because those who presume to lead us now have even less excuse to force vaccination and social restrictions upon us.

    • Thank you…keep up your fantastic work on this…confirming what a ” plandemic” this really is…confirming Rockafellars lockstep 2010 is well underway…god help us all

  • Thank you Christine. I rely on your ezpert assessments as I try to maintain my hope that this louring fog of unreason will finally disperse.

    I cannot understand the entrenched compliance which persists ,even as the collateral damage spreads and the agitprop prevails.

  • Hello Christine,

    A Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Thank you for the update. As usual well researched and clearly presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand.
    I too worry about the apparent ‘cooperation’ between world leaders and how they seem to be reading from the same script. Who is writing this script and the agenda? Time will out the truth and those accountable will pay the price. This is what drives me forward.

    I note that a Federal Court in Texas has ruled against the ridiculous decision by big pharma to gain 75 yrs to produce test results prior to issuing their so called vaccines. They now must produce them by April. Hopefully these papers will illustrate the culpability of big pharma and give us an insight to the tests that were made on people.

    Your website and updates encourage and fill me with hope. You are a gem.

    Please continue to bring us intellectual sense in a fear filled and dysfunctional and government sponsored campaign of misinformation and propaganda.

    • Happy New Year, Derek and lots of love to you. Thank you for your support. It really moves me. Christine x

  • We have a big problem with people obsessively testing themselves. I know one family both parents teachers with 3 kids all primary school age, who test themselves and their children EVERY DAY. Needless to say they have self isolated more times than Keir Starter. That’s 5 tests being taken every day for one family, and they log the results religiously. This is completely insane. If they had to pay £5 for every test perhaps they would think twice.

    Meanwhile schools have become militant in sending kids home with sniffs, sneezes, coughs. Schools expect children to be tested even when they have no symptoms. This has to STOP NOW. Parents are between a rock and a hard place as they can’t send kids to school with even slight colds and sniffles as it is then expected you will test your child for Covid. I was told before Christmas to test my child for Covid because she complained of having a headache in school. It’s beyond ridiculous. I’m worried what we are doing to children with this level of testing. It’s a very serious problem.

  • I had my first 2 vaccines. Took covid just before my booster was due. It was a nothingness tbh. That was the first time I had ever tested and I refused point blank to ‘confirm’ with a pcr, as did my husband. I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of adding to her figures. We kept away from people until the lft’s came back negative. Is this not what everyone with symptoms (and ONLY those with symptoms) should be doing? I’ve refused point blank to test either of my children. Ever.
    We both got our boosters as we are performers and were concerned we would be locked out of certain venues, and were concerned we’d be locked out of certain venues. Neither of us are taking another. We’re more than done with this.

    • Well done, Susan. There is no reason for you to test yourselves and stay strong on that. Lots of love to you, and I’m very pleased to hear that you only suffered mild symptoms with covid. That’s very good news. Cx

  • You should be very proud of your part. Your level headedness in making the data accessible is so admirable especially because it comes with a little mischievous humour. Thank you.

  • Follow my GETTR page (as banned from twitter) for more Scottish stats as they are a rarity for some reason.

    Great work Christine !

  • Happy New Year Christine. Thank you for the data and vlogs – I had that cuppa with you.
    I’ve been forced to home school my middle child as he was sent out of class for coughing, then sent home. You can have a cough for ages, I might be homeschooling for a while – people are so paranoid indeed.
    I wont do a PCR test on him, obviously. I remember reading that they were 60% accurate, so I researched that and on the office of national statistics ( web page there was a question about whether they take into account the false positives. Well no… but then it went on to explain that they are accurate 95% high level (from 99% to 90%) and 60% low level (from 45% to 75%). These numbers bothered me and realised that if you just took the lowest number and highest number and divided by 2 – you get 75%. So at least 1 in 4 is a false positive. But if it can be as low as 45% accurate????
    I’ve also been reading Eleanor McBean’s “The Poisoned Needle”. (from amazon, paperback!) Which was written in 1957. It covers the spanish flu, small pox and polio. It shows that all these tricks have been played on the public before. Perhaps I should have said crimes.
    Lots of love back


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