Data Update for 12th January 2022

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First, I just put the updated graphs for today’s data on this blog and wrote it up properly later on 14th January – if you’ve returned, well done. These are an historical record.

See the vlog on the BitChute Channel .


Graph 1 shows this truly amazing SIXTH wave has peaked and is falling. It rather makes the previous waves pale into insignificance. See how these waves get bigger every time.

Graph 1

Graph 2 shows that the latest absurd wave was not just down to increased testing, but does truly seem to be measuring something, although we now have serious concerns about the testing criteria for omicron.


Graph 2


In Graph 3 we can see that there has been a recent surge in people presenting for a test the first time over Christmas, but not as big as the surge around schools going back in August. Eventually the number of people presenting for a first test will diminish as we run out of people though!

Graph 3

In Graph 4 we can see that there simply must be pressure on the hospitals, even if this number of covid patients is just a count of incidental positives rather than people admitted for covid. We know there are many staff off, and this number of patients is approaching what we saw last winter, but with 50% more delayed discharges to boot. Even if these patients aren’t sick with covid, they require special management which puts an extra strain on resources in the hospital. This rise in covid patients is unprecedented. Deaths have also taken a sudden and severe upwards turn. How’s that third ‘vaccine’ working out then?

Graph 4

In Graph 5 we see an upturn in hospital occupancy, and ITU occupancy and deaths following the recent HUGE surge in positives. But we also see that we are finding an awful lot more positives for it to translate to more pressure on hospitals, which really is a representation of the absurd over-use of resources in the testing strategy. You would have thought that the vaccine would change the testing policy, but the strategy always seems to be: more testing no matter what.

Graph 5

Graph 6 shows that the January 2021 wave was the worst, in terms of hospital occupancy, but that the 2022 wave looks so far almost as bad, and worse than the original wave in 2020. This is absolutely ridiculous, of course. Viruses don’t do this. This is an illusion, or a man-made phenomenon. This is the Scottish Government’s/medical establishment’s fault. We are either over-testing, or the ‘vaccine’ is making things worse, or both.

Graph 6

Graph 7 shows that deaths are down in 2022, which is exactly what we should expect for a virus on its SIXTH wave.

Graph 7

Graph 8 shows the extent of this latest wave, unprecedented in terms of the percentage positive apparently being returned. This means that infections are worse now than ever before – on the SIXTH wave??? Notice also the variability in the results day-to-day.

Graph 8

Graph 9  shows with the blue spikes the extent of the recent testing mania. We urgently need to get out of this habit as a nation.

Graph 9

In Graph 10 we see that as the number of tests conducted has fallen, so too have the positives reported. Clearly, though positives have surged and then fallen away to a greater extent than testing numbers and this indicates that the tests are picking up something, although given that the testing criteria and strategy are what they are, this isn’t necessarily anything useful they are picking up. All we are doing here is generating trouble for ourselves and it will always be astonishing the extent to which people have sought out tests during this time, even after having had a THIRD dose of ‘vaccine’.

Graph 10

Graph 11 shows that Community tests have taken a sudden tumble in numbers, and that simultaneously to this, the percentage positive has also taken a tumble – not a coincidence, I think.

Graph 11

Graph 12 shows that ITU occupancy has risen, but that it is still quite low compared to previous waves, as to be expected with Omicron. The question is: why is anyone still ending up in ITU with this virus? We have had 2 years to learn how to treat it, the vast majority of the population has been vaccinated THREE times with a product that is supposed to reduce illness severity, and this is the SIXTH wave of this virus. Respiratory viruses don’t do waves. But this one does SIX.

Graph 12

Graph 13 shows hospital occupancy in every region is apparently as bad or worse than the first wave. I know I’m going on…. but this really is completely ridiculous.

Graph 13

Graph 14 shows the extent of the vaccination programme – pretty huge numbers of vaccinated people now.

Graph 14

In Graph 15 you can see that the latest wave of positives is matching almost perfectly the shape of the third doses delivered. This is not a coincidence. See post here about increased cases in vaccinated in Pfizer trial.

Graph 15

What I’m saying is: we are being ‘had’. Stop getting tested. Stop engaging with it – ironic advice coming from me, I know.

Stay tuned ?

Stay sane ?

Stay strong ?

And remember I love you ❤  (you guys are the absolute best)

Christine x

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