Data Update for 9th December 2021

Hello Friends!

I  have had a number of people getting in touch to ask where on earth my latest update is! Sorry. It’s just been so busy. And I love you for being so eager to get a statistics update.

Here’s the latest on the stats. Some interesting stuff in here, but generally things are pretty steady.

Accompanying vlog on our new BitChute Channel Inform Scotland uploaded morning of 11th December.


Graph 1 shows how the sixth wave (?) appears to be levelling off, in terms of case numbers. Is this in fact our new baseline? (See very last graph)

Graph 1


Graph 2 shows what this sixth most recent wave has looked like compared to the previous ones – it’s different, don’t you think? The variation in positive rate day to day is varying much more widely than ever before, and to me, it looks very much like this is a new sort of baseline, and it’s almost as high as the January peak.

Graph 2


Graph 3 shows the extent of the delayed discharges problem – although it might be lessening. But you can also see how the covid problem compares to the number of patients in hospital for no clinical reason. Deaths just aren’t dropping in the way they should be.

Graph 3


Graph 4 shows hospital occupancy and how it compares to last year. We have had 231,151 covid patient hospital days in 2021, which gives a weekly rate of 4700. This compares rather unimpressively to 5075 per week in 2020. It’s not a huge improvement, is it?

Graph 4

Graph 5 shows deaths in 2021 compared to 2020. 4578 Covid deaths in 2020. 5110 in 2021. That’s 115 per week in 2020 and 105 in 2021.

Graph 5

Graph 6 mainly shows how many more positives we are getting now on a daily basis and yet less impact in hospitals. This is a very strong indicator the testing strategy is in fact not useful to us any more – at all. It’s just causing disruption and mayhem and picking up ‘cases’ we don’t need to know about.

Graph 6

Graph 7 shows how, unlike at other stages, even as the number of community tests has reduced, the positive percentage has remained elevated. This would seem to indicate, taking everything at face value that the virus is much more prevalent now than it has ever been before.

Graph 7

Graph 8 shows how daily tests conducted are almost doubled compared to last year – this is not good news. And the number of positives is relatively much higher. Since the summer, this graph has changed a lot, in terms of what it shows about the relationship between tests conducted and positives returned.

Graph 8

Graph 9 shows that ITU occupancy is low everywhere.

Graph 9

Graph 10 shows hospital covid occupancy variable – but dropped significantly in Glasgow.

Graph 10

Graph 11 shows first, second and third doses and how ‘cases’ have changed.

Graph 11

 Graph 12 shows ‘cases’ plotted against first, second and third doses. I have noticed that recent ‘cases’ have followed third doses very closely.

Graph 12

I’d just like to remind you all that vaccinologists have said that variants will arise from the vaccines. That’s all.

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪

And remember I love you ❤

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  • Keep going Christine. For anyone wanting more Scottish data and science ignored by the mainstream media visit my GAB page davidfreeman@scottishfreeman.

    The present reality is 99.9989% of Scotland is NOT dying involving COVID-19.
    Pandemic ? Nope. Totalitarianism, yup.

    RESISTANCE is now mandatory.

  • Please, please, stop making comments based on personal views, not facts. Many, many people have died from Covid, and many wish they had listened to the experts instead of believing the anti vaxxers who have helped spread Covid while accepting NHS help when they find out that they were wrong about it, and find themselves very ill. Too many beg for the vaccine when it’s too late. If everyone were vaccinated, the wards would not be full of anti vaxxers who discover too late that they were conned.
    I do not imagine for one minute that this will be published, but it’s time that everyone listened to the experts and got vaccinated.

    • Diana – where are the comments based on personal views? Where are the comments not based on facts? Where is it said in this blog many many people have not died of covid? Also, the data show there are many more vaccinated than unvaccinated in the hospitals. Maybe you could read the data from the government shown in this blog and critically appraise it yourself, instead of coming at it with an attack mindset. In fact, I do not believe you have read this blog at all. I said in 2020 there were 115 deaths per week from covid. And in 2021 there have been 105 per week.

      It’s time you listened to some other experts and/or actually read what I write.

      Also, your comment is of course published. It’s no threat to us whatsoever.


      • This is the problem. People don’t want to believe that the BBC lies to them. But it does. It gets funding from many organisations which ensures that it cannot publish unbiased information. Same, unbelievably, for all major news organisations. I am not paid by anyone. And Diana knows me. She should know I do not lie. I have no reason to lie. And in fact, her behaviour towards me is precisely the sort of thing I have endured, and which would have motivated me to stop a long time ago if bringing the truth forth were not my sole motivation. Lots of love to you, and thanks for your continued support. Cx

  • Thank you so much for capturing this information and presenting it without a narrative designed to scare us in to taking experimental gene cell therapies. Without you doing this, spending your time that could spend do any other thing, the record would not be kept. One thing history teaches us is that the victors write their narrative and future generations are oblivious to what really went down. Now and in the future this will be an important record, and is written in such a way that everyone can read it. The loud one from Scotland is really an incredible human being that stands out, it’s real leadership, and yes some monkeys are going to fling some shit at you, but so what? It’s just a bit of shit. Brush it off, the future counts on people like you. I love you, don’t back down. I’m counting on you and you can count on me.

  • The mindset of the above correspondent shows how government fear tactics and scientific propaganda have been so successful. If a politician told her to stand on her head and whistle to prevent spread, she would carry out the instruction. Illustrates how people need to read about what happened prior to the Second World War to see parallels in government actions and fear mongering.

    Christine. You are a gem and your data is well researched and clearly presented. A chink of light amongst the coming darkness. Please ignore these hurtful comments and please,please keep up the good work that you do so well.

    • Thanks, Derek. I’m not planning on stopping any time soon. This is the truth. People can deny it and wrestle it all they want, but all that does is suck everyone in to darkness. Cx

  • Thank you so much for the time and effort you tirelessly put into providing us all with the genuine statistics. I ignore the news and await your updates instead :-). I’m losing hope that logic and reason will prevail, but you are a ray of light in an otherwise very dark situation. Keep fighting the good fight and thank you again. God speed x

  • This is just a complete and utter mess. i can’t see how we’re going to get out of this now. 🙁


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