Data Update for 22nd December 2021

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Hello Friends!


This is likely to be the last data update before Christmas. So Merry Christmas to you. I hope you have exactly the Christmas you want, without reference to anyone’s arbitrary rules/recommendations/mandates.


There are lots of contradictions in the data now – and that is because the data are now completely contaminated with nonsense. The testing is bonkers, the classification of covid is bonkers, the boosting is bonkers. I see yesterday that Sky was FINALLY reporting that the booster will only likely prolong the pandemic, as stated by the WHO chief. I see Dr Tedros got it all a bit wrong though because he is deliberately failing to mention in his comments what he knows very well: vaccination during high prevalence will only give rise to more mutations and these vaccines only confer an absolute risk reduction of less than 1%, and that is without reference to the injuries and death they cause. You honestly couldn’t make the story of this pandemic up. The incompetence and lack of knowledge of those at the top is truly stunning. This is what censorship and corruption does: creates chaos and stupification.



Graph 1 – Positives took a sudden tumble in the latest update. Otherwise, it’s looking like this SIXTH apparent wave of a virus was going to be the biggest.

Graph 1


Graph 2 – Notice that positivity has not risen to the same extent, but it is just consistently very high. It is also fluctuating wildly from day to day. This is an indication it is NONSENSE.

Graph 2


Graph 3 – there has been a modest rise in newly tested individuals, and you will see later that there have been many many tests conducted. The conclusion to be drawn then is that there are now very many repeat testers. We need to be cured of this impulse. It is helping no-one, all this testing. See Graph 9.

Graph 3


Graph 4 – Note that patients in hospital WITH a positive ‘covid test’ are still only one third of the delayed discharges number. Deaths of someone with a positive ‘covid test’ are still limping down, dropping not at all as an epidemic would and slower than they ever have before. Maybe this is because the ‘vaccine’ is interfering with the deadliness of the disease – but it isn’t a natural phenomenon because the decline is too linear.

Graph 4


Graph 5 – As positive tests returned reaches for the sky, hospital occupancy and ITU occupancy and deaths continue their descent.

Graph 5


Graph 6 – here we have hospital occupancy of patients with positive ‘covid tests’ the last 2 years for comparison. The rate of ‘with-covid’ hospital occupancy has been similar this year to last year. This is partly a symptom of wildly excessive testing.

Graph 6


Graph 7 – comparing the deaths ‘with covid’ the last 2 years. You can see clearly that this year has been terrible for ‘with covid’ deaths. We have had 102 per week on average in 2021, compared to 114 in 2020.

Graph 7


Graph 8 – get used to very approximately 10% of tests coming back positive. There is huge variation day to day, but there will be no downwards trend for this phenomenon. Yesterday’s percentage rate was very low as I report it. I calculate the positive rate by dividing the number of ‘new’ cases by the total number of tests conducted. Yesterday, for some reason, there were many more positives reported than ‘new cases’. I have no idea what this is about, basically. Sorry!

Graph 8


Graph 9 – when I see this, all I see is a disaster. This amount of community testing is a total waste of time and resources. There is no benefit to community testing to this extent. All we are now doing is churning out vast numbers of clinically irrelevant, and false, positives. We will simply never get out of this if we continue this way. Also, think of the care that could be delivered and the services we could afford if we weren’t diverting resources to testing 52,000 people a day in a country of 5,500,000.

Graph 9


Graph 10 – it’s clear now that positives reported are rising as the number of tests is rising every time.

Graph 10


Graph 11 – the percentage positive of new tests isn’t changing as the number of community tests increases, which rather suggests that there is not much going on, as far as the spread of SARS-CoV-2 is concerned.

Graph 11


Graph 12 – only TWO regions across the whole country have more than 5 patients ‘with covid’. They are Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Grampian with 6 and 8 respectively.

Graph 12


Graph 13 – see what is going on in hospitals.

Graph 13


Graph 14 shows the extraordinary rate of uptake of the third doses of the vaccine. This is much quicker than for any point with any of the previous doses. At the same time our baseline for positives reported as risen substantially. We are now in Wave 6.

Graph 14


Graph 15 – is it a coincidence that positives are rising in line with ‘boosters’? Is anyone asking this?

Graph 15


Merry Christmas 🎅🎄

Stay tuned 📺

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪

And remember I love you ❤

Christine x

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  • Merry Christmas Christine really appreciate Your hard work
    How can we stop people going for tests. This is the pandemic not the virus x

  • Merry Christmas Christine, crazy how this madness continue. You have amazing rescilence in staying the course with getting the data out.


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