Data Update for 13th December 2021

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Hello Friends!


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This is the situation with covid tonight, as I type, below. What absolute chaos and hysteria in the media today. They seem to enjoy it. It’s ghoulish. You won’t get any hysteria here.


Just FYI through PANDA and direct contact with doctors in South Africa, we have heard that Omicron is causing only the mildest of illnesses. No oxygen even required for patients there and where there are patients they are incidental covid positives, not in hospital for covid symptoms. I know if you are reading this you are looking for calm in a storm. We are not burying our heads in the sand. We are just looking at the situation honestly and with no fear agenda. If you don’t like this approach, that’s weird to me!


Graph 1 shows perhaps THIS is our SIXTH wave starting now, in terms of ‘cases’ (I’ve been calling the latest weirdly high baseline the sixth wave for some time)…

Graph 1


…BUT … in Graph 2 we see panic can be averted, because there is basically nothing going on with positivity. It’s just we have done truckloads of tests recently.

Graph 2


Graph 3 shows testing and  might be a little hard to make out but blue is community labs and red is NHS. So look at the number of tests being conducted.  It’s really absurd. This is mining for positives. NHS tests have remained consistent but community tests are at an absurd level. There is no purpose in this. I know people think that it’s helpful to do this, but it isn’t. It’s just disruptive to your community and harvests lots of false results. It also identifies totally irrelevant ‘cases’ that are never going to end up in hospital. There is a risk of the creation of a pseudo-epidemic, and as you can see in the graphs further down, there is no problem in the hospitals.

Graph 3



Graph 4 shows that there aren’t so many first-timers getting tested. In the end of August and beginning of September we had lots of first timers – this was an indication that we might have been seeing more symptoms in the community leading people to get a test. But this isn’t happening now. The more tests we do, the more false positives we will find, and the more contacts end up being tested. This leads to more new tests and more apparent ‘cases’. We urgently need to get out of this cycle.

Graph 4


Graph 5 shows that the recent 5018 ‘cases’ that had our First Minister all of a panic on Friday, was as a result of many more tests than the day before. The percentage positive remained unperturbed, of course. It’s all a matter of record.

Graph 5


Even as the community tests conducted has gone up, the percentage positive has remained level, but at this vastly fluctuating rate. But look how high the positives level is. It is as high as it was only briefly during the January wave. Why might this be? Why do we have so many positives coming back now compared to before? This was observed in the trials for the vaccines: the vaccinated were more likely to get infected. It was all there for the MHRA to read – I’ve got something to put up here on the website about this tomorrow.

Graph 6


You can see in Graph 7 how the percentage positive coming back is varying wildly day to day. Why is this happening? It hasn’t happened to this extent before. It might be a reporting lag effect that has got worse lately. But note again how consistently high the positive rate is.

Graph 7


So what about our struggling hospitals? Well in Graph 8 we see that there are 3 times as many delayed discharges as covid patients. Those former are patients in hospital with no clinical reason to remain there. Deaths are not dropping as quickly as they have in other waves. Delayed discharges are 50% higher than they were this time last year. This is not good as we head in to deep winter. It has probably a lot to do with staffing issues due to self-isolation….. let’s see if it gets worse now the government has increased the numbers of people who will be required to self-isolate. This is a very serious matter. The government should be acting on it urgently.

Graph 8


Graph 9 is complex but shows the changing relationship of positive cases to hospital patient numbers and ITU occupancy with covid. The testing strategy is less and less valuable in terms of predicting serious disease and yet is immensely costly, financially and in terms of logistical impacts to society.

Graph 9


Graph 10 shows how hospital occupancy compares in 2021 to 2020. There were 5075 covid patient hospital days per week in 2020 and there have been 4800 per week in 2021.

Graph 10


Graph 11 shows how covid deaths compare the two years. That’s 105 deaths per week in 2021 and there were 114 per week in 2020. There have been 5141 covid deaths in 2021 and there were 4578 in 2020.

Graph 11


Graph 12 shows ITU occupancy. There are only 3 hospitals reported today because they only report if there are more than 5 patients. There are only 3 REGIONS with more than 5 patients and they have 7 each. That’s it.

Graph 12


Graph 13 shows that hospital occupancy is dropping everywhere and even Glasgow is now really low. There should be no problem in the hospitals.

Graph 13


Graph 14 shows the first, second and third doses and how the ‘cases’ have changed since the vaccines were rolled out. We have a rising baseline. This should be real concern to the government, because this shouldn’t happen with a working ‘vaccine’, except that it was seen in the trials.

Graph 14


Graph 15 shows the vaccinations and ‘cases’ and how they have changed in another presentation style. These vaccines are not working to do what we were told they should do. It’s as simple as that.

Graph 15


There is just nothing going on, covid-wise, except too much testing and too much panicking. We need to change course.


Stay tuned 📺

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪

And remember I love you ❤


Christine x

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