An Update on All-Cause Deaths as of 8th December 2021

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Hello Friends!


Here is the update on all-cause deaths in Scotland for up to Week 48. There is no good news here, but maybe the news is generally getting less terrible.

*All excess is calculated relative to the five-year average from 2015-19. The year 2020 is omitted from this calculation because it is so exceptional.


Graph 1 – This is us now at week 101 since the start of 2020 and you can see that deaths have been in excess continually for 28 weeks. This is unheard of in any year back to 1974. It is especially unusual in the year following a pandemic, because there should have been fewer people in the population vulnerable to death after a year of deaths from a new virus. This simply has to be caused by man-made influences. There simply is no natural explanation for it. The excess in this week was 16%.

Graph 1


Graph 2 shows where the excess deaths have been happening. There has been a continual excess in the home since the start of 2020 and this has remained stable throughout 2021. There are many who are deeply concerned by this trend – and rightly so – but it is important to note that there has been no change in this phenomenon this year. Hospital excess seems to have levelled off in the last 10 weeks and is possibly dropping slightly, but showed a consistent rising trend for almost 30 weeks from Week 66. It is a real concern that at the same time as excess in this location was rising, deaths at home remained elevated. Care home deaths had a surge in week 93 and that has settled back down again.

Graph 2


Graph 3 – Excess cancer deaths have been rising all this year, since week 55. There is a concerning gradual rise in the baseline visible here. Cancer deaths at home have been high since the start of the pandemic, but they have been rising in hospital without an associated reduction in cancer deaths at home. There have been 365 excess deaths due to cancer this year, and 278 in the last 11 weeks alone. In 2020 there were 34 overall.

Graph 3


Graph 4 shows a rising baseline in excess dementia and Alzheimers deaths, although it looks to have settled. There was a deficit at the end of last year and beginning of this year, which is to be expected after a pandemic which overwhelmingly affected people in the age group affected by dementia and Alzheimers. A correction the other way would also be expected, so to have seen an excess recently would also be expected. This implies that covid deaths are now not affecting this age group so much.

Graph 4


Graph 5 is a very important chart, in my view. We had 88 excess deaths due to circulatory causes in 2020. This year we are sitting at 347. Of significant concern is the rising baseline seen during the whole of this year. These deaths happen predominantly in the home but have been rising all year in hospitals as well. There has only been one week in deficit in the last 24 weeks. During that time there have been 576 excess deaths due to this cause overall. This is alarming. There is no other way to describe it. And the fact is, that covid simply was not causing this sort of damage in 2020, and yet the corporate media is reporting consistently that covid is to blame for deaths of this cause. It is really perplexing and disturbing there are not more people voicing concern about this and investigating it. There have been some prominent doctors speaking on this issue, concerned that the covid vaccines are causing these deaths. See Dr McCullough and Dr Aseem Malhotra, for example. This seems worthy of investigation at least, surely, as a point of the Precautionary Principle? The potential mechanism from the vaccines for causing such damage is quite clear and easy to understand.

Graph 5


Graph 6 shows the history of respiratory deaths since the start of the pandemic (these exclude covid deaths). They have been in significant deficit throughout the vast majority of the time and seem to be in decline again.

Graph 6



Graph 7  – covid deaths are in a long slow decline.

Graph 7


Graph 8 – ‘Other’ deaths have been in a significant excess for now 35 weeks. We have had 1839 excess deaths from ‘other’ causes this year compared to 1517 last year. It is very alarming to note though that by this week last year, we had only had 1367 deaths from ‘other’ causes. We are almost 500 ahead of last year then. This is so heartbreaking.

Graph 8


Graph 9 shows how we are back to a very similar number of excess deaths to this week last year, in the second wave of the pandemic. The yellow line indicates the upper boundary from now on so that our excess deaths this year do not exceed last year. It seems, since 1974, there has never been a period like this: we have had now 28 consecutive weeks of excess deaths.

Graph 9


Graph 10 shows the percentage excess and how it compares to last year. The thing that is the most unusual about this is the extent of the excess over the summer weeks. Now as we are in an improving situation, it is still as bad as it was last year in the second wave of coronavirus in the last three weeks.

Graph 10


Graph 11 – notice how excess deaths followed covid deaths in 2020 and then in 2021, excess deaths have gone from being less than covid deaths, to covid deaths only contributing a small amount of the excess.

Graph 11


Graph 12 shows the breakdown of the excess. ‘Other’ deaths are as many as covid and cancer, dementia and circulatory deaths are contributing too.

Graph 12


Graph 13 shows the stage we are at with excess deaths compared to this time last year and other years. This is unheard of to have had a year like last year with such a leap in mortality for it then to be matched the following year.

Graph 13


Graph 14 shows how 2020 and 2021 compare to the previous years back to 1974.

Graph 14


Stay tuned 📺

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪

And remember I love you ❤

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One Comment

  • Hi, This information is so important. It totally highlights a lot of fraudulent behaviour from the government.
    Thank you so much for putting it all together. Really appreciate it.
    I recommend you to my friends and people at work. More people are realising that the measures are not really needed, the craziness that the virus has a day off over christmas and again at new year, and that the omicron variant isn’t that dangerous – so the South African doctor said. Relatives are finally saying that they are not having a booster as they are sick of the government lying. (Why did they not get that from “2 weeks to flatten the curve”?) It’s around about then I say: I know, you should check out because it’s so brilliant to have the actual government information explained and see that the government actions are fraudulent compared to what’s really happening in case numbers.
    So huge thanks to you for being brilliant.
    Lots of love back, your my hero/heroine.


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