Data Update for 3rd November 2021

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Hello Friends!

You’ll never guess what – my latest video on general data got pulled from YouTube! The one where I repeatedly said that the vaccine works very well indeed, as is clear in the data below…. But they still didn’t like it. Very hard to know what they want, frankly. Stay tuned for a change to location of videos. I seem still to be able to post so go to Inform Scotland YouTube channel for accompanying vlog.


Here are the data as updated on 3rd November. The news is somewhat neutral. That’s the best I can say. Deaths aren’t looking too good from today’s update.


Graph 1 shows where we are with 6th wave. Positive tests are rising slowly, but are fairly flat on the whole. In Graph 2 you can see that it really is a SIXTH wave from the positivity. The size of the wave is comparable to January’s wave in 2021.

Graph 1

Graph 2


Thankfully we see in Graph 3 that newly tested individuals numbers are settling down now – this is very good news.

Graph 3


It’s hard to say what hospital occupancy is doing in Scotland now… It seems flat but perhaps a little undecided. Deaths are falling painfully slowly. Delayed discharges remain really elevated. This indicates a problem at the care sector end and will be filtering through to all departments in hospitals. It’s very bad news coming in to winter.

Graph 4


Graph 5 shows that hospital occupancy and deaths continue to track one another quite closely and at the same ratio. I don’t understand what’s happening, frankly, with positive tests and ITU occupancy. It’s definitely changing, as a relationship.

Graph 5


Hospital occupancy is gradually falling – or flat – hard to say. But the occupancy is similar to last year at this time now. We had 203,033 hospital occupancy days in 2020. We have had 204,838 days in 2021. This is not a sign of high vaccine efficacy. And I’ve noticed in the Twitterverse, people have given up on offering arguments for vaccine efficacy when hospital occupancy numbers are pointed out to them. It’s all there in Graph 6! We were told that vaccination was for the benefit of the community and it is our duty as citizens. Has the community benefitted?

Graph 6


Similarly in Graph 7, we see quite clearly there have been more covid deaths in 2021 than in 2020. In 2020 we had 4578. So far in 2021 we have had 4631. There has been a general increase in mortality at the same time (see updates on deaths).

Graph 7


The general variability in positivity is very high day to day just now and Tuesday was an historically bad day…Β  this is an indication to some extent of troubles in the labs, for sure.

Graph 8


I still find Graph 9 interesting for looking at how testing is changing in the community.

Graph 9


This sixth wave looks a little different to previous waves. There is something going on here. Positives are remaining elevated even after test numbers drop.

Graph 10


Again, in Graph 11, we see that positivity is remaining elevated, even after testing has been reduced.

Graph 11


Activity is flat in ITU but it is comparable to what we saw in January.

Graph 12


Similarly for general hospital occupancy in Graph 13….

Graph 13


In Graphs 14 and 15 you can see that vaccinations are limping on – second doses are regularly outnumbering first doses now. This means that very soon we should see second doses grinding to a halt also. The government is putting pressure on people to get vaccinated through coercive techniques but it doesn’t seem to be working very well.

Graph 14

Graph 15


Stay tuned πŸ“Ί

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong πŸ’ͺ

And remember I love you ❀

Christine x

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  • If we stopped testing and were only relying on hospital and death data, would this look any worse than a bad flu year? I only ask because we have never had ready access to what healthcare and death data looks like in previous years.

    • No Susan, this year looks much worse in all-cause mortality for the time of year than a normal flu year. The healthcare data is available on Public Health Scotland and the deaths data on National Records for Scotland. This year is looking highly unusual. See Deaths blogs on here. Lots of love, Christine x

  • Christine, it was good to hear you say in the video that you’ve noticed a shift in the atmosphere. I hope this continues as I think we’re going to need to be strong over the next weeks. Thank you so much for what you are doing here. Can’t believe YT pulled your last, carefully-worded, video. No pleasing some folk.

    • To be fair, I was pretty sarcastic in that video! 😜 Lots of love, Christine x

  • Hi Christine,
    I’m hearing a lot about young ppl dying and having strokes , myocarditis etc. I was wondering if there was any way of tracking this?
    Thanks for all you do πŸ™πŸ’œ

    • Yes, we are trying to track this on this website. There is a set of graphs coming soon showing deaths by age. But getting details on exact causes of death is tricky. Lots of love, Christine x

  • Christine, what you are doing is so important. Thank you!
    You must find a better platform urgently. YT has been shadow banning you for months; this is obvious. Now they are deleting your content. Unacceptable, but it’s the new normal. You must move to an uncensored platform.
    Your presentation of contextualised data is brilliant. Keep it up!!! ❀️

    • Thank you Gavin – you are right. Working on it! Lots of love, from Christine ❀

  • Many thanks for all your hard work, it’s greatly appreciated. I wonder if you’ve looked at the article and data posted recently by Prof Ennos in the Daily Sceptic, which also focuses on what is happening in Scotland? Do you have any thoughts on how it compares with your own work and whether it illuminates the picture further?

  • Hi Christine,
    Thank you so much for your brilliant information.
    Is there a way to know how many people have had a booster? Not that I’m trying to add to your work, just interested.
    Thanks again,

    • Yes, Heather, they seem to have just started reporting these, so I will too. Lots of love and thanks for your kind comment, from Christine ❀


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