Data Update for 23rd November 2021

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Hello Friends!


Here are the latest data on this day when our Scottish First Minister Ms Nicola Sturgeon admitted to Parliament (fairly proudly) that she coerced Scottish people to get vaccinated by introducing vaccine passports ‘to drive up vaccination rates’. This is a breach of the Nuremberg Code. It is completely appalling. But totally expected.


Graph 1 shows perhaps that our SIXTH WAVE of coronavirus might be subsiding slightly. This is good news. Graph 2 backs it up.

I was listening to Spiked at the weekend (which I love). I was a bit exasperated by some misinformation on there though. I’d just like, once again, to point out, that ‘cases’ don’t rise and fall with lockdowns or with schools going back. Not even a wee bit. They rise and fall as testing rises and falls, and as the virus does what viruses do: finding vulnerable people to infect. Don’t ask me to agree to disagree on this. I won’t agree with you if you believe in a lie.

Graph 1


Graph 2


Graph 3 shows hospital occupancy continues to limp downwards… We have never seen it do this so slowly before. Deaths are similar. Delayed discharges remain really elevated. The NHS/Government needs to get this sorted out before speaking about restricting us any further.

Graph 3


Graph 4 shows a few things. One is the relationship between positive tests and ITU occupancy is really changing – this is why the pro-vaxxers say the ‘vaccine’ is such a success: there are fewer ITU patients per positive test, but that is partly a function of the fact that in the autumn we did an absolutely ludicrous number of tests in young people and we still do do more testing – and the testing is a mess (see Graph 7). Of course, as time goes on, vaccine or not, we would expect fewer ITU admissions in a pandemic because the vulnerable population should be shrinking all the time. That isn’t what we’ve seen in 2021, but it may be what we are about to see now.

Graph 4


Who knows what is going to happen next? In 2021 we have had 220,583 covid patient hospital days. That is around 5000 per week. In 2020, there were 203,033 covid patient hospital days. That’s around 5000 per week.

What an amazing vaccine. Apparently it prevents hospitalisations.

Graph 5


There have been 4917 covid deaths in 2021. There were 4578 in 2020. That means in 2020 there were around 115 deaths per week. And in 2021 at the moment, that death rate is around 105 per week. Again, we would have expected the number of deaths to have dropped because THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS IN PANDEMICS. With a vaccine, we should have expected fewer deaths than this.

Graph 6


Graph 7 shows what we are always seeing. Monday is almost always the highest positivity day. But sometimes it’s Tuesday. Apart from early in the autumn wave it has NEVER been any other day. The pattern at the moment is usually that Thursday results have half the positivity of Tuesday. What is this? Is the testing going wrong in the labs? Or do they report from certain cohorts of the population on certain days? If that is the case, what cohort has a positivity rate twice the rate of another cohort? It seems like an important thing to know and yet no-one seems to know the answer. The variability at the moment throughout the week is absolutely astonishing. It’s hard to imagine what could cause it, frankly.

Graph 7


Graphs 8 and 9 suggest that prevalence of virus in the population is in fact quite high. What is this? It’s hard to say because the Government (astonishingly) continues to recommend people to test when they DO NOT HAVE SYMPTOMS. This is extremely bad practice, and of course, muddies the waters. It means we really struggle to understand the extent of actual illness in the population. Are these people presenting for tests because they are ill? In which case, why are so many people still getting ill? That’s weird. Or are these people hosting virus without symptoms? That might be happening a lot now because they are ‘vaccinated’, or treated with a gene therapy, and that suppresses symptoms. So then these people are wandering around without symptoms but potentially spreading the virus… This might explain why positivity rates are so high.

People urgently need to think very hard about testing. This is not how screening should ever be conducted. Especially in a pandemic. And LFTs are extraordinarily ineffective at finding disease. The screening testing textbook really has been ripped up and thrown out. It’s very distressing to observe this.

Graph 8


Graph 9


Glasgow ITU occupancy has absolutely crashed to the levels of much smaller health boards. This is weird, but great news. Overall, total ITU occupancy is flat though, so other areas must be getting busier. Some areas are as busy as they have ever been.

Graph 10


Smaller health boards are actually quite busy with covid, while the larger ones are much less busy than they have been. Hospital occupancy is stubbornly high overall. It has never stayed elevated like this before. Again, this vaccine doesn’t seem to be working out too well. Hopefully hospital occupancy will continue to fall and that’s it now. But the powers that be are for some reason totally convinced that this will be the first everlasting pandemic, the way they go on, so it’s anyone’s guess.

Graph 11


Graph 12 has now got third doses (aka ‘boosters’) added to it. It’s interesting there was a surge in covid ‘cases’ in January following ‘vaccine’ rollout. This was observed in the trials. And then observed all over the world as ‘vaccines’ were rolled out. Then we saw a most unusual summer wave of a coronavirus following second doses. And now after the third doses have started and we are back in coronavirus season, we saw this strange turn from a declining ‘case’ rate to an elevated ‘case’ rate. It’s almost like something is keeping ‘cases’ elevated and preventing them from falling to almost zero as we have seen before.

Graph 12


I have marked in Graph 13 daily doses of first, second and third doses and superimposed on them the positive tests returned. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that ‘cases’ stopped crashing towards zero just as the ‘booster’ was rolled out. Even though the Pfizer trial showed people were 42% more likely to catch covid post-vaccination. Nothing to see here. Don’t look at Gibraltar or Israel – or anything or anywhere. The evidence of your eyes and ears isn’t important.

Graph 13


If you’ve not had a look at the deaths data, have a squint at that blog too.


Stay tuned 📺

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪

And remember I love you  ❤

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  • Great stuff again Christine. I see today from NRS the excess deaths at home the vast majority >95% non covid continues at +41%. This has been the one consistent metric the past 20 months and largely ignored by Scottish politicians and the msm. It’s by definition democide. THIS IS THE REAL HEALTH EMERGENCY IN SCOTLAND ! Forget covid. 5 weeks straight covid has been outside the top 5 causes of death. 99.998% of Scottish people did NOT die ‘with’/involving’ COVID-19 the last week. More deaths have been occurring from typical respiratory diseases.Clearly if the testing was stopped covid would evaporate. (Hello Africa). We see the same hysteria being generated now in France (0.6 covid deaths per million) and Germany (2 covid deaths per million) with increased ‘cases’ from increased PCR positives. As far as i am concerned this is a manufactured pandemic taking up the world’s focus when the actual REAL CRISIS’ being caused, unemployment, business ruin, cancer backlogs etc etc is largely seen as ‘a side issue.’ Thankfully Scotland does not seem to be waking up ! Take care

  • Roddy Dunlop QC- ”That analysis is hilariously flawed. None of it makes sense. Not a bit. Anti vax propaganda, pure and simple. I’m sure you genuinely believe it, but it’s dangerous as others might read it and believe it to.”

    It’s NOT analysis. It’s government DATA. What planet are these people on ? and WHY do they not want to discuss it ? why do they just immediately lurch into baseless accusations without ANY evidence to the contrary ? Utterly bizarre !

  • Hi Christine,
    Thanks for the 3rd booster information. Graph 13 is brilliant.
    I was watching the Sturg as I call her and she almost seemed uncomfortable when she was saying at First minister questions that getting the vaccine is the best thing to do to stop cases and to stop serious cases. But perhaps it was just indigestion.
    She must know dont you think? Do you think Sturg knows about the damage she is doing to Scotland and the wonderful people within?
    Anyhoo, thanks again Christine, you are brilliant.


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