Data Update for 17th November 2021

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Hello Friends!


Well, deaths were out today and I will update you.


Here is a quick bash through the stats before I finish off my family’s roast dinner tea before I go out to work šŸ˜‡. I will put a video up too on YouTube.


Graph 1 – That’s our 6th wave of coronavirus. Again, notice rising baseline.

Graph 1


Graph 2 – again, with the next wave – we are ramping up. Again, rising baseline. Imagine this! Imagine it! We are at the January peak.

Graph 2


Graph 3 – Deaths seem finally to be falling and hospital occupancy also, but slowly. Delayed discharges are consistently at this 50% higher than last year and this is terrible news for getting people through hospital. It seems that this has to be a problem at the care home end. Wonder why!

Graph 3


Graph 4 – hospital occupancy is lower than at this time last year, but judge for yourself how 2021 looks compared to 2020. What is interesting is how slowly the two autumn waves have waned. We are clearly coming out of the latest wave of hospital occupancy, but it is not looking convincing at all. In fact, recently, it has been rising. I heard the FM being praised that hospital occupancy is under 800. I didn’t realise that was the metric for success. 2020 covid patient days: 203033. 2021 covid patient days 215975. This is almost as bad a rate this year as last year. And in 2020 SARS-CoV-2 was arriving in a totally immune-naive population. In 2021 it is circulating in a population well exposed to the virus and 90% adult-vaccinated. THIS MAKES NO SENSE.

Graph 4


Graph 5 – Deaths are falling, almost in parallel with late 2020. Total deaths 2020, 4578. That’s about 115 per week for the time covid deaths were with us (from Week 13). This year we have had about 110 deaths per week. That’s 4841 in total. I am tired of watching this with this supposed saviour vaccine.

Graph 5


Graph 6 – this, I think, indicates a massive problem at the labs. Only thing I can think of. Anyone got any other explanation for the absurd variation in positive percentage returned day to day recently?

Graph 6


Graph 7 – this just shows how stubbornly high compared to previous times the number of positives reported is, even as tests conducted comes down. I think this could be indicative of a problem in the labs – as well as generally there being an absurd amount of virus around. Why can we not become immune to this virus?? Is anyone asking this question?

Graph 7


Graph 8 – again positivity up up up. I dunno! šŸ˜†

Graph 8


Graph 9 – ITU occupancy has collapsed in Glasgow – climbing elsewhere, but generally low.Graph 9


Graph 10 – hospital occupancy collapsing in Glasgow but climbing elsewhere.

Graph 10


Vaccines drag on etc etc


Stay tuned šŸ“ŗ

Stay sane šŸ§ 

Stay strong šŸ’Ŗ

And remember I love you. I really do. ā¤

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  • Thank you

    I live in Nepal at present and cannot believe what is happening to the country of my birth Scotland
    Right across the Earth it is patently obvious that the injection is causing a pandemic. It’s the same here in Nepal. Last year we had zero pandemic as we have no old people facilities as the family unit is still very much alive and strong. So no care home deaths in the spring of 2020. The media screamed COVID and politicians, medical practices and a few big business made good money and now since the injection the hospitalisation and deaths are growing markedly.

    I watch the Australian situation and read the Victorian New proposed Bill and just shudder. Then Austrias proclamation on lockdown for the unvaccinated and mandated vaccination of all by Feb 1st and up pops Jeremy Vine praising it with a final jibe of losing patience with these anti vaccers. Were not ant vaccination, we are informed people who do not wish a none reversible shot of an experimental gene therapy injected into our bodies. Not once, twice or thrice . Natural immunity from infection will have been present in most people by last Christmas and especially the young. Many of whom will not even have realised they their innate immune system will have fought off the virus will have acquired natural immunity without even a sniffle. The best immunity that a human can have is natural immunity acquired through contact.If you trust the science and realise its an experiment and you have no recourse if you suffer side effects then take it as its your choice. I personally would spend the hundreds of Billions on domestic/home power generation, organic food production, preserving ecosystems by working in harmony with nature, and enabling encouraging bottom up governance based on quality of life and not profit.
    I looked at the death rates for 2020 and except for the spring care home spike the yearly mortality was normal in the UK, in fact slightly lower than normal in the Autumn. This was probably due to so many old passing away earlier in the year. Then it changes dramatically with the on the set of the injection. I was in Portugal at the beginning of the year and read an article telling of the beginning of vaccinations in Gibraltar. They started to inject just a few nursing homes in early January. The ninth I think. Up to this the entire loss of life attributed to CV19 in the colony was six (6) by the eleventh it was twelve (12) and after three weeks sixty three (63). At the same time a nursing home in Norway had a dramatic death rate following the jab and the injection was halted. I think it was AZ. I kept thinking people will stop taking the injection. its an untested and proven gene therapy, which cannot induce immunity. Its a therapy. it may help you but no one else. I heard politicians and medical voices infer it was a wonder jab that will save all humanity from a virus that had an IFR of 0.15% ! and average age of mortality of over eighty (80). Now they want to and HAVE started to inject our children. It’s pure EVIL . I know that is a strong term, but it simply is pure EVIL As a woman who has had the great fortune to have traveled the World for forty years and whose guru was Rachael Carson I have watched an insane evil hand degrade and destroy natural habitats, agricultural lands, populate and destroy everywhere in the name of progress across the entire Globe, and this same body is now telling us all to take the shot to ” KEEP YOU SAFE” and now they want to lock you down perpetually it seems and monetarize the worlds last wildernesses to manage them too. The US has given the go ahead to a massive oil field in the Gulf of Mexico TODAY. At COP26 they decided deforestation should stop by 2030 ! At a conference two years ago on forestry and biodiversity the final speaker motioned for HALF of the Northern Hemispheres forests to be cut down !
    Sorry if I have gone off thread and on a bit. But the world only needs to stop actions of inhumanity to prosper and the governance of our time organise and demand total inhumanity be accepted across the world in the guise of WARS based on nothing to set the people free. I have seen a great deal.
    Thank you for your work

    yours Nikita Rosemary Thierry


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