An Update on All-Cause Deaths as of 24th November 2021

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Hello Friends!


The news is slightly better – or less bad – today. Please note that Freedom Podcast/The Rustler and Coronastories podcast will be joining forces to discuss this after the success of last month’s podcast. Please listen.


(All excess deaths are calculated against the 5 year average from 2015-2019.)


Graph 1 shows finally that we seem to be in quite a fast decline in excess deaths. The drop this week has been quite sudden. This is good news, if we can say that an excess in deaths is good news.

Graph 1


For the first time in 21 weeks, we are below the number of excess deaths we had in the same week last year, as you can see in Graph 2. This is now the 26th consecutive week of excess deaths. That’s HALF A YEAR. In these 26 weeks we have had 4000 excess deaths. In the whole of 2021 we have had 5100 excess deaths. In the whole of 2020 we had 6200 excess deaths. I have added the yellow line to show the level below which deaths need to remain now for the remainder of the year in order for there to be fewer excess deaths this year than last year.

Graph 2


You can see in Graphs 3 and 4 how covid deaths have compared to excess deaths. In 2020, they followed one another closely. In the start of 2021, covid deaths actually exceeded excess deaths, which is weird. Then in the second half, excess deaths have far exceeded covid deaths.

Graphs 3&4


Graph 5 shows that deaths at home remain really high. But hospital deaths have dropped off incredibly fast and care home deaths have also dropped.

Graph 5


Excess cancer deaths have dropped this week, and for the first time I think we can say there is a falling baseline. This is good.

Graph 6


Dementia deaths are back to more normal levels – which is better news.

Graph 7


Excess deaths from circulatory causes are still rising, looking at the baseline, although they have fallen two weeks in a row. We’ll need to see what happens next week. I hope very much they will be back down to normal levels. We are at 300 excess this year, comparing to 34 last year.

Graph 8


Graph 9 shows that respiratory deaths are back to normal levels and are remaining there.

Graph 9


‘Other’ excess deaths are very alarming. All year in 2021 we have been observing a rising number of ‘other’ deaths in hospital. There have been 1765 excess other deaths already this year. There were 1517 in 2020. By week 46 in 2020 though there had only been 1300, so we are well ahead this year. Well ahead. It’s really

Graph 10

Graph 11 shows a closer look at covid deaths and how they are falling – slower than at any other time. That’s with a vaccine in the vast majority of adults.

Graph 11

Graphs 12-15 show 2021 in more detail – but the same measures of the pandemic as we have covered before.

Graph 12

Graph 13

Graph 14

Graph 15

Graph 16 shows just how unusual 2020 was – and how unprecedented it is for a high mortality year to be followed by another equally high mortality year. This is a direct result of human intervention in the propagation of this pandemic – it just has to be. It has all been folly.

Graph 16

Graph 17 shows that Week 46 in 2021 is not so highly unusual for a week 46 compared to all the years since 1974 as other weeks have been this year. But 2021 is showing generally high mortality. It is very concerning for those of us paying attention.

Graph 17

Stay tuned 📺

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪

And remember I love you ❤

Christine x

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