Data Update on 20th October 2021

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Hello Friends!


Things look to be getting worse again…. I’m afraid. I’m not surprised. Please see YouTube Inform Scotland Channel for the vlog post that accompanies this blog.


In Graph 1, I’m very sorry to say that it looks like Wave 6 is now picking up. This is as absurd as it sounds. Graph 2 only confirms this observation. Every time there is an increase in ‘cases’, we must remember that what that signifies is that once again susceptibility has increased. Why does this keep happening? There has been no known change, apart from vaccination with the ‘boosters’ and climate in recent weeks, that might explain this increase in susceptibility.

Graph 1

Graph 2


Is there a problem in the hospitals? Is it because of the huge number of delayed discharges more than covid patients? Why are we struggling to get people out of the hospital? Is there a staffing issue in care homes for some reason? Covid deaths are holding up and this is a real and serious worry as we go in to winter.

Graph 3


The recent rise in ‘cases’ is coinciding with a rise in ITU occupancy…  I am hoping this is just a blip but it probably isn’t.

Graph 4


A comparison of hospital occupancy in 2020 and 2021. It might interest you that the combined total number of days of covid occupany in 2020 was 203,033. Remember we had an over-count (a significant one) over all the summer months. In 2021 we have had a combined total number of days of covid occupancy of 191,992. So this year, with a vaccine in a huge number of the population, the hospital occupancy has been worse, I would argue. And now we are having ‘boosters’. WHY IS NO-ONE QUESTIONING THIS????

Graph 5


Again, comparing 2020 to 2021, we had 4578 deaths ‘with’ covid in 2020. This year we have had 4402. There were two periods of zero deaths in 2020, the first before the pandemic hit us and the second during the summer. This year we have had no period of zero deaths. The winter 2021 wave was worse (in terms of covid death count) was worse than the spring 2020 wave, and it looks like our summer and autumn waves of 2021 are going to be worse or as bad as the autumn 2020 wave. How is the vaccine helping?

Graph 6


This week is looking terrible on Tuesday, but very good on Wednesday. Go figure. But variation day to day is high, and this is not a good sign for what is happening in the labs. There has never been greater variation in any week on record.

Graph 7


To be  honest, I’m not sure what these graphs shows but I find it interesting. It looks like maybe the rise in community testing is caused by an increase in symptoms rather than the other way around.

Graph 8

Graph 9


A bad situation (in some regions) is now improving in ITUs around the country as seen in Graph 10.

Graph 10

The situation is not improving as quickly in the hospitals (covid-wise) as it has in the past.

Graph 11


Are we in the foothills of a new wave? Also, do you notice that the rise in positives has coincided with the increase in first doses you can see in the yellow line.

Graph 12


You can see the recent flurry of first doses in teenagers seems to have come to an end… these are why we have had the recent increase in first doses. We are unequivocal about this at Inform Scotland: that this has been wrong to vaccinate children and so it is good news that the number of first doses being delivered is coming down. I also wonder when there are going to be reports made of the number of third doses delivered because it will be very interesting to see how these correlate with any change in ‘cases’.

Graph 13


Stay tuned 📺

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪

And remember I love you ❤

Christine x

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