Data Update on 13th October 2021

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Hello Friends!


We are still here (!) and today I’m going to go light on the blog and use the YouTube video blog to talk through these graphs. It’s more efficient and people are capable of interpreting these graphs looking at them themselves. Look it up on Inform Scotland YouTube channel.


Is this the SIXTH wave coming???? …


… It looks like it anyway! Positivity is on the rise, and the CT counts for PCR tests are reducing again. This means that positive ‘cases’ are hosting more virus. Positivity is similar to the awful January vaccine wave – it’s very high compared to all previous levels. Positivity is also very clearly affected by the number of tests being conducted.

Covid occupancy is coming down in the hospitals but really too slowly. Slower than we have seen at any other time.

Testing mania looks like it might be on the wane – thank goodness.



Nothing is moving very fast on the hospitals front but ITU with-covid occupancy is coming down, even if deaths are holding up.

Hospital occupancy has been similar to previous waves but is now coming down in most places.

Positive case numbers are on the rise, coincidentally along with first doses also rising as we vaccinated children.


Stay tuned 📺

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪

And remember I love you. ❤

Christine x

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