Data Update for 29th October 2021

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Hello Friends!


Here is today’s update. There will be a vlog too on Inform Scotland YouTube channel shortly after posting here, so keep your eyes peeled if you enjoy them (you weirdos 😜).


Graph 1 shows that ‘cases’ seem to be levelling off, about which I am pleasantly surprised! It all looks odd, but then it always does. There should come a point (unless some man-made intervention to the virus or people’s immunity) when the virus should struggle to find new susceptible people to infect because so many have acquired immunity. Dare we dream this is it now? We know now vaccinated people don’t really acquire immunity in any meaningful way at all or for any length of time, but people as they get infected *should* become immune and that immunity *should* last. We know natural immunity does last. There is no question about that at all. So unless something is happening to prevent people becoming immune, there will have to come a point when people are no longer susceptible to this virus in big numbers. Is it now? Why shouldn’t it be? And yet, ‘cases’ are still higher than they were in the January Vaccine Wave.

Graph 1


The hopeful look in Graph 1 is matched here in Graph 2. Positivity seems to have peaked, but it is still very high. It is clearly a sixth wave of infection (fifth on this graph).

Graph 2


The worrying trend in delayed discharges continues, and is a bad sign for winter. Hospital occupancy remains high and deaths are still elevated. They are coming down slowly as you can see in Graph 3 – I have some bad news about deaths….

Graph 3


… In Graph 4 you can judge for yourself how this year compares to last year in terms of deaths. In fact, in absolute numbers, there were 4578 ‘covid’ deaths in 2020, and there have been 4565 in 2021, so it’s looking like this year is going to be worse – that’s after vaccination.

Graph 4


In Graph 5, we see how hospital occupancy compares between the two years. I can’t guess what’s going to happen next, quite honestly, but does it look like how you thought it would look post-vaccine-rollout? Total Covid Patient Hospital Occupancy Days in 2020 were 203,033. In 2021, they have been 200,200. Is that what you would have expected? Of course not. Unless you had read the vaccine trials.

Graph 5


Deaths have remained at a constant rate to hospital occupancy all year, but positive tests to ITU occupancy have flipped. This is an indication of just how much testing we are doing to find clinically relevant positives. Vaccine proponents insist it is an indication that the vaccine is working. But this doesn’t hold up since it can’t be applied population-wide. The whole situation is absurd and what we see here is that resources need to be directed at improving treatment of covid, rather than throwing them all at a vaccine that doesn’t work and at track and trace – an abject failure – and testing people to absurd levels. Graph 6.


Note: over the last couple of days there has been mainstream newsthat it is the unvaccinated that need protected from the vaccinated (BBC), that Track and Trace has cost the nation Β£37bn (and almost certainly saved no lives) (Public Accounts Committee).

Graph 6


Positivity is very high still, and it is extremely variable over the course if the week. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday remain the highest positivity days. Positivity on Thursday was half the positivity on Tuesday this week. If this makes sense to you, do let us know.

Graph 7


We’re still doing a higher amount of community testing, and there seems to be a link between that and the number of positives coming back. It’s chicken and egg: the more testing we do, the more positives will come back – but the more virus is out there, the more tests will be sought out.

Graph 8


The relationship between number of tests and number of positives:

Graph 9


You may see what I mean in Graph 10, where it looks like ITU occupancy is worse than last autumn, on the rise, and apart from Glasgow, the traces are quite noisy. This isn’t how it should look after vaccination of so many Scots.

Graph 10


Some places are worse than last autumn and some are better. Things are pretty stagnant.

Graph 11


The recent bout of vaccinations of our children, against JCVI advice, is visible in this graph. One dose isn’t enough to work, we are told, but two doses are too dangerous for our children. The rise in cases seen recently came after the vaccination of children started. Second doses are at a bit of a standstill.

Graph 12

Graph 13


Stay tuned πŸ“Ί

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong πŸ’ͺ

And remember I love you ❀

Christine x

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  • Thank you for using your intelligence to keep us informed…we are living in the time of great deception

  • Hi Christine

    Thanks for the graphs and th site, as ever.
    A quick query – you say:

    “Note: over the last couple of days there has been mainstream news that it is the unvaccinated that need protected from the vaccinated (BBC)…”

    Too intriguing a comment not to show a link, surely!?
    Don’t show the comment if you don’t want to…

    Best regards


  • To begin, when a crime is committed, the first that is done, you isolate the area and look for clues,then investigate who is has committed or responsible for the act, human being are still the number one commodity on earth 🌎 and at this moment, there is a undeclared biological’ wagging against us, and the reason we are not aware of it, because we are detained with entertainment
    The Australian government spoke about find out where this virus come, and China threatened the Aussie that they would wreck their economy and this they doing right now the Australian tankers with coal stranded in the Chinese’s waters, refuses to unload those tankers.
    Together, the US and China are co-conspirator in this”virus”which attack the vital organs in the human body, there is no animal or human, prior to this period that had not a single trace of this virus, but now, so where did the virus came from? Look at the labs, and the money flow, and who profiting from all this human suffering and death.
    It is about power and population control.

  • I enjoyed your guest appearance on the Irreverend podcast. Thank you so much for using your fantastic intellect to expose the lies and corruption endemic in our politicians and the compliant medics in failing to keep to their professional and oath standards. It is so much easier now to see how the Germans fell so completely under the propaganda of the third Reich.
    Please do keep up the good work. Your courage is outstanding in the face of adversity and the loss of so called β€œfriends”, who have shown their true colours. I applaud you and a big thank you to your husband for his support. We are in a time of great peril from the control freaks that have our elected representatives in their pockets and the future is grim for our children and grandchildren.


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