Getting help with vaccine-related issues at work

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Healthcare workers are facing increased pressure to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. We’ve had several enquiries from healthcare workers looking for advice on how to tackle this serious issue. At InformScotland we can’t give legal advice. However, we can point people to other organisations that may be able to help.

Note that InformScotland doesn’t endorse any of these organisations. They may not be able to provide legal advice that is relevant to the Scottish legal situation. They may also hold political beliefs and opinions on the COVID pandemic that are different to ours.

When using any sample letters, it is best to personalise it and remove sections that aren’t relevant to your situation. A brief letter may also be more impactful than a long letter with lots of references.

Miri AF has several sample letters available for free. These include a letter for an employee facing suspension for being mask-exempt and a letter for care home staff who want to decline mandatory vaccination.

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance has various template letters available on several different COVID-19 related subjects.

PJH Law also provides free template letters on employment issues relating to the pandemic.


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