7th September 2021 Update – Is our 5th Wave (!) Plateauing??

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Hello Friends!


The madness continues. If you want to see a video version and a little more discussion of this blog, visit Inform Scotland on YouTube.


See here in Graph 1 what our FIFTH wave of coronavirus looks like in the context of the whole pandemic in Scotland. This is just absolutely astonishing, really. Never has a virus done this – but never have we locked down or tried to vaccinate our way out of an epidemic with a vaccine that doesn’t confer sterile immunity either…. Obviously, as I always say, the number of positive tests depends on the number of tests conducted to a certain degree…. but…

Graph 1


In Graph 2, we can see that the positivity has been very high too, so it’s not just the amount of testing that has been done that is leading to the rise in cases. We definitely are doing too much testing. But the issue isn’t as simple as just that. You can see here that the positivity in this recent SUMMER wave has been as high as in the WINTER VACCINE wave in January.

Graph 2

Graph 2.1 shows that positivity is consistently, day by day, higher than ever before (I’m ignoring pre-autumn 2020 because testing levels were so comparatively low). This is very bad news, folks.

Graph 2.1


Graph 3 shows just how bonkers community testing has gone recently – NHS testing is fairly steady but community testing has gone through the roof. This might explain some of the rise in positives, but then if we have a lot of circulating virus (which seems to be the case), many people will be going for tests.

Graph 3


Graph 4 shows the testing history throughout the pandemic. The latest wave is quite interesting here. Waves 2, 3 and 4 show a peak which appears somewhat independent of the number of tests conducted. But in Wave 5, it looks, for the first time, like the very sharp and unprecedented rise in testing has pulled the number of positives up. The alternative explanation is that the rise in true cases has pulled the number of tests up, but you can see the rise in the two traces is simultaneous. If the latter is true, that would imply that this is the most severe wave of the pandemic. That’s my interpretation anyway. More discussion in the video on YouTube, if you’re interested. Comments welcome.

Graph 4


I’m adding Graph 5 because it looks interesting to me… but I’m not sure, to be honest, what it might be showing. It looks to me like the number of community tests and percentage positivity are becoming increasingly dependent on one another. Again, comments welcome. Is this our first true widespread outbreak or a testing problem? Or another explanation?

Graph 5


Graph 6 shows an alarming march towards hospital occupancy with Covid at the same level as October/November last year. Simultaneously, the number of delayed discharges is very high at 50% above the level of last autumn. Deaths are also very high for summer. This should alarm any person arguing ‘the vaccine is the way out’.

Graph 6

I will discuss Graph 7 in the YouTube video accompanying this blog… but what I believe this shows is that we are having to do a LOT more testing now to get a return in terms of predicting what capacity we need in the hospitals compared to in the vaccine wave. But you can see parallels in the shapes of the waves of positives, hospital occupancy, ITU occupancy and deaths.Graph 7

Graph 8 shows Covid deaths from 2020 and 2021 imposed on one another. Do you think that this looks totally ok? I find the number of deaths in the summer being so much higher than last summer deeply concerning. We have a huge number of people vaccinated now. Are the people dying vaccinated? If so, how are they dying if the vaccine is working to reduce seriousness of disease, especially in summer time when no-one was dying last summer? If it is the unvaccinated, why are they dying now when the unvaccinated (that was everyone) weren’t dying last summer?

Is this virus becoming more virulent, against the normal trend for viruses? If so, why is that happening? If we had listened to those experts who warned against giving a non-sterilising vaccine during an epidemic, we might have expected this: that it would have encouraged the evolution of more potent variants.

Maybe there is another explanation for this. Maybe we are all immune-deficient from the lockdowns, sanitisers etc. Comments welcome!

Graph 8

Here in Graph 9 we see that there is a similar trend for hospital occupancy… more people in hospital this year than the same time last year, when we had around 50 after the recount. Today there are 805.

Graph 9

Graph 10 – ITU by region. Very noisy now, but not as bad as in winter.

Graph 10

Unfortunately, hospital occupancy DOES look like it’s fast approaching autumn levels in many places. As seen in Graph 11.

Graph 11


Finally for today, vaccinations!!! Graphs 12 and 13 show that our vaccinations are slowing down, just in time for boosters. None of the signals are good. Please tell me I’m wrong. And send in some good arguments if you believe I am.

Graph 12

Graph 13


Lots of love ❤

Stay tuned 📺

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪


Christine x

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  • This is some of your best work Christine. Loved meeting you at the protest we could talk for hours about all this and more ! Most of what we are seeing now is completely manufactured through PCR test results which are now clearly also reacting to vaccinations. The ‘vaccine’ is also creating adverse effects and then people are told they have covid, this was not an issue last year. Epidemics never get stronger they always get weaker due to herd immunity. All of this data is unnatural and troubling. Yes we have the ‘delta variant’ (supposedly) which appears to be driven by vaccinations. Non sterilizing vaccines drive mutations, this is what the covid-19 vaccine is. Also the data from Israel after ”booster doses” is completely backwards, deaths and cases sky rocket. The same has happened in Vietnam and other countries. Are they deliberately maintaining the PCR pseudo epidemic to justify more lockdowns and restrictions in Winter 2021 ? If so then clearly this is and never was about controlling a virus. It was merely the excuse to re-frame the obedient and thoughtless masses into the new abnormal. Take care ! As you say in the you tube video…HOLD THE LINE !!

    • Thanks David!

      Lovely to meet you too. I’ll see you again I’m sure. You are right, it all looks wrong. All backwards.


      • Hahah…you FINALLY accepted my comment. LOVED YOUR NEW YOU TUBE VIDEO you filmed in Glasgow near the protest ! Look forward to the next one !

        Take care

  • I will say one word. Polio. It was vaccination, and vaccination only, that eradicated polio, a much feared disease in the 1950s, in this country. It still exists in unvaccinated countries. I feel very sorry for all those who have died because they believed the anti vaxxers, instead of reading facts.

    • This blog presents facts, Diana, all referenced. I have said here that the vaccination is not working to reduce infections. Do you disagree with this? What evidence do you see that the vaccination is working to prevent hospitalisations? No disagreement here on polio. The polio vaccine confers sterile immunity, I think? So it will prevent transmission and infection, and very different to these ‘covid-19 vaccines’. We’re not talking about polio though. There are no ‘anti-vaxxers’ here and we could do with less name calling and more debate in our country. You have done name calling without debate – a perfect example of the problem. The point is that there have been covid vaccine deaths. And if the vaccine is conferring no benefit on our population, those deaths were for no personal benefit, nor population benefit. Do you not feel sorry for those people? I’m sure you do because I know you and you are a good person.


    • Quite with the ‘anti vaxxer’ term. The paralysis that was blamed on the poliovirus in the 1940s and 50s was actually due to the widespread chemical/pesticide spraying of DDT, a highly toxic (now banned) pesticide. https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/environmental-toxins/pesticides-and-polio-a-critique-of-scientific-literature/

      Also deaths from common infectious disease were declining by as much as 90% BEFORE vaccines were introduced. This is a common big-pharma trick.


      The decline of adult smallpox in eighteenth-century London

      This study shows smallpox mortality declined before the vaccine was introduced.

      Take care

      • Thank you David. One day I will have time to look in to other vaccines – maybe? Not now. Enough to watch the ineffectiveness of the covid-19 vaccines for now. Christine ❤


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