10th September 2021 – I have not much better news

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Hello Friends!

This absolutely bizarre situation continues….

Our Fifth Wave seems to have peaked now – fingers crossed. That’s at twice the number of daily cases in the last wave.

Graph 1


The positivity trend looks encouraging too – I think we can expect case numbers to continue to fall now, given the fall in positivity. We are still above the January Vaccine Wave Level – astonishing in a warm September.

Graph 2

Graph 3 shows that we have never seen such consistently high percentage positives since we have been doing comparable numbers of tests. Imagine this: we have had the highest Saturdays, Sundays, Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (so that’s every weekday) in the last three weeks. This is September. This is not the winter time.

Graph 3

Graph 4 is literally taking my breath away every time I see it recently. What on earth is this amount of testing for? The community labs did 48,000 tests yesterday. Absolutely eye-watering expense and resource being directed there. Why? Who benefits from this? Is it the Scottish people, when NHS trusts around Scotland are putting out distressed messages on social media? NHS Fife is cancelling treatments and NHS Grampian has sent out another post to Facebook begging its residents not to see their whole families at one time today.

Graph 4

Hopefully in Graph 5 what we are seeing is an end to the rise in tests and test numbers will come back down too. This cycle is only destructive.

Graph 5

Graph 6 shows we can expect hospital occupancy with covid to exceed the November 2020 peak, possibly within a week or just over. This is a very steep incline we are seeing now. Bizarre and worrying. Look at delayed discharges too. This is a very difficult situation and an increase of 50% to winter levels. Deaths are rising.

Graph 6

Graph 7 – Hospital occupancy is now at 977. On 11th September last year we had 45. That’s 22 times as many patients in hospital now as this time last year. The increase is at a faster rate than last October. We can expect to reach that November peak  within a week or so now.

Graph 7


The unfavourable comparisons continue in Graph 8 – this recent rise in deaths is worrying and in sharp contrast to last September.

Graph 8

Graph 9 – Glasgow is looking very bad but all regions are fast approaching last November’s occupancy levels.

Graph 9

Graphs 10 and 11 – show that vaccinations are slowing right down – until Whitty approves vaccines for children, thus over-ruling the very pro-vaccine JCVI who couldn’t bring themselves to recommend vaccination of children at all.

Graph 10

Graph 11

How’s the vaccine working out for Scotland? Not well. We urgently need explanations to these phenomena we are seeing. So far, the vaccine has not reduced hospitalisations due to covid – at all. There is no indication it has whatsoever, on a population level. We do have a lot more ‘cases’ now and the Government seems to be using this to show that disease severity is lessening. But the question as to why so many are getting infected at this time of year with so many vaccinated is the first question that arises looking at these data and this is the question that is completely unaddressed.

It’s not good enough for Scotland, the way we are being treated with coercion to get vaccinated coming now from Government. And if the vaccines are the problem, as predicted by some vaccinologists, then rolling them out to children is absolutely the worst thing to do. It’s all risk and no benefit.

What are the answers to the questions these data raise?

Lots of love ❤

Stay tuned 📺

Stay sane 🧠

Stay strong 💪

Christine x

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  • hi thank you so much for all you are doing. just a thought…given this
    jag is experimental, how may in hospital are adversereactions? what age groups and vaccinatin status.any way of finding out? thanks

  • Given the policy push for compulsory vaccinations and for vaccinating children, do we need to ask what all the testing is for? It bumps up the number of cases, and ‘cases’ are given as justification for the policy.
    A significant proportion of these will be people that are not ill in any way, and have tested positive due to past exposure and the over-high cycle value being used in order to generate more positives. This will also apply to hospitalisations and deaths related to covid.

    The countries with the highest ‘case numbers’ (measured per population and averaged over the week) include those fastest out of the traps with vaccine roll-out – UK and Israel. In point of fact, if you look isolate Scotland, it’s the highest in the world. Deaths on the other hand are very low, showing the ‘cases’ fixation to be meaningless aprt from propaganda purposes. If it was about health they would be citing deaths.

    Thanks for the work that you do, it’s much appreciated!

  • Hi Christine
    The wave of community testing may be skewing the figures. As said before CT 40 is excessive. Have these people had something and it is now being picked. After all the policy is get yourself tested twice a week. More people are now interacting. No record of how long people are being hospitalized for.
    I think what is happening is what happened in Moray but on a larger scale due to the testing.
    Deaths will increase as society opens up but it is nowhere near the level during unvaccinated lockdowns. It the deaths by other causes that worry me
    Gillon Ford
    East Calder

  • The vaccine is clearly the problem. Vietnam a recent example. After 18 months one can only surmise this is all deliberate for more lock-downs, the death of all SME’s and the rebirth of into the Great Reset. They have wrote a book about it after-all with all politicians consistently repeating the phrase ‘build, back better.’
    Strap in and hold on !


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