Aug 27th 2021 Update – WHOA!

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Hello Friends!


As you can see…. Graph 1 here shows that Wave 5 is well underway – never seen before for a virus, as far as I’m aware anyway. Each one getting progressively worse in terms of ‘case’ numbers. Is it just more testing?

Graph 1


Well, no, because the positivity is well up too! Graph 2 shows the latest wave in high positivity. The start date is different to Graph 1 so we can see four waves here. You can see we are at January levels now. In August. We are at double the ‘epidemic level’ of 5%.

Graph 2



BUT, don’t panic, because there is nothing like as much going on in the hospitals and occupancy is still low and still a very small fraction of the number of delayed discharges (patients remaining in hospital for no clinical reason). See Graph 3 below. There is a noticeable feature of this graph, which is the fact that there are deaths at all in the summer… more in Graph 4.

Graph3Graph 4

There is much to say about Graph 4 – I will muse on it on today’s video on YouTube (Inform Scotland). You can see that we have had deaths this summer where we had none last summer and that since 2021 started we have had our worst waves of Covid deaths. Can we expect it to be even worse as autumn progresses than we saw in 2020? What we see now is not what would be expected normally in third wave of an epidemic. Of course it looks different if we look at excess deaths…. but that is for another post!


Graph 5 below just shows that positive tests have entirely lost any relationship with deaths, hospital occupancy and ITU occupancy. This is the marker of a truly absurd testing policy.

Graph 5


I’ve just put in this percentage positive graph by day of the week because I think it looks like we can expect it to go higher next week. Graph 6

Graph 6


Adding vaccinations here, you can see that second doses are catching up with first doses. Obviously, there is now a real slowing in people getting first vaccines and we will see soon the same with second doses. This is entirely understandable. Those who have decided against vaccination have made their decision and it is very unlikely they will change their minds unless (even more) coercion is put on them. Still, there is a huge fraction of the population vaccinated now, which you can see looking at the orange line, and yet ‘cases’ are higher than they have ever been.

Graph 7


In Graph 8, we will see now a reduction in the number of second doses being delivered, and this should happen quite quickly.
Graph 8


See you on YouTube

Stay tuned 📺

Stay Sane 🧠

Stay Strong 💪

Lots of love ❤

Christine x

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  • Christine
    Just a thought. In many of the responses from our government. I was told they only count positive PCR test results. Then I m sure I got something that contradicted that, lateral flow tests were also included.
    Maybe you know better.
    Also lateral flow tests are more readily available now. Jason encourages testing in asymptomatic people. You know as well as I do how good these tests are.

    • I’m still totally unclear on whether lateral flow tests are getting included. But the quality of the results is surely appalling, considering the impact on our lives their results are having . Christine

  • Very good work Christine. Clearly the vaccine is causing loads of issues as we see in other countries like Israel. We have more covid deaths the past 3 months this year (+ vaccine) vs last year (no vaccine) by quite some margin. (494 vs 317). The relationship with increased tests and ‘cases’ continues. It’s lunacy. C’mon though at this point is it really incompetence ? This dictatorial gov are utterly desperate to lock us all down again. The policy in itself for 18 months by definition is DEMOCIDE due to the huge increases in excess deaths within the home, at present (+45%) = 400% more than covid deaths. (138 vs 34). There are also about 3x more typical respiratory deaths (92) vs COVID-19 (34). Out of the top 6 causes of deaths COVID is ranked no.6. According to week 33 report from NRS at present 97% of all deaths in Scotland are from NON-COVID causes. THERE IS NO BLOODY PANDEMIC. (Euromomo). We have a PCR pseudo epidemic declaring healthy people and children sick and excess deaths being caused by policy and ignored. Utterly insane and honestly i am largely ashamed to be Scottish watching a nation of sheep consistently comply with thoughtless obedience to government diktats. When does this end ? Politicians never lie and big pharma care about our health we should never for that !


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