Vaccine Informed Consent Questions Suggestions

Vaccination Informed Consent questions

  1. What vaccine am I being offered today?
  2. Am I able to get access to an alternative?
  3. How can I request a specific vaccine, should I wish to? 
  4. Can you give me information on the full side effects of the vaccine you intend to administer? 
  5. The leaflet I was given just mentioned the common side effects. Can you give me the most recent information on the number and type of adverse events from COVID-19 vaccines which have been reported to the MHRA via the yellow card system? How many deaths with a potential link have there been for the vaccine you intend to administer to me? 
  6. Can you tell me what the current UK Marketing Authorisation status is for this vaccine? This was not clear in the Information booklet I received with my appointment letter.
  7. Can you give me further information on MY current risks if I were to contract COVID-19, taking into account my age and health?
  8.  How does this compare to my risk of suffering an adverse event as a result of taking this vaccine?
  9. There is an article in The Lancet journal which shows the Absolute Risk Reductions from the manufacturers’ own trials was 0.84% for Pfizer and 1.3% for AZ. The information leaflet I received states it will reduce my risk of becoming seriously ill but didn’t give an indication of the actual percentage reduction. Given that the absolute risk reduction is so small, can you please help me to make the risk/benefit calculation for my vaccination now?
  10. Has the vaccine you are offering me today been tested in the clinical trials on people of my age and health status? 
  11. What are the risk factors which may predispose me to an increased risk of blood clots?
  12. The leaflet I received says that the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines continues to be monitored. I know the trials are not yet finished. How is this monitoring being done?
  13. I believe that I may have had COVID-19 or been exposed to the SARS-COV-2 virus. Can I get access to a test via the NHS to check for antibodies including both B & T cells prior to being vaccinated?
  14. If I have natural immunity I do not need this vaccine. Could taking this vaccine trigger an additional response which might be harmful to me in any way? 
  15. How long will my immunity last with this vaccine?  I appreciate that antibody responses can vary in strength and duration however is this vaccine also going to create an immune memory by way of B & T cells? 
  16. I’m not currently pregnant but am hoping to start a family in the near future. Can you please tell me what the current safety data shows for risk during pregnancy or when breastfeeding?
  17. Are you aware of the Pfizer trial submission to the Japanese government which showed the lipids from the vaccine concentrating in the ovaries?
  18. Have there been any potential adverse events reported to the MHRA in relation to pregnancy & fertility? 
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  • Thank you for all your work. I really enjoy your informative videos too 🙂
    Please can you reference the lancet paper in point 9. Re absolute risk reduction (questions for vaccine informed consent) . Keen to dig deeper.
    Many thanks

  • A recent nature study once again showed natural immunity is robust and highly likely to be life-long thus no ‘vaccine’ is required for healthy people. A monumental oversight of gross incompetence or a deliberate omission which is contemptuous towards informing the people. I think it is the latter.


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