Vaccine Yellow Card Reports (blog of 10th May 2021)

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One of our members has been somewhat obsessively following the vaccine adverse events reporting from the government and recording the data. These charts are a first effort at representing them back to you. We will find a better and tidier and more informative way of getting them to you.

The dates are missing from the x-axes of the  last three charts because it messed up the formatting of the traces. But they are the same dates for all the charts.

I’m just going to leave these with you here to have a look at. You can find the reports here yourselves in Annex 1:

Please do go and educate yourselves. Have a think about your risks. You can do a very rough calculation of risk by taking a date on the chart. Let’s say for AZ, take the date 18/4/2021. There had been approx. 575,000 reactions reported. And at that time 22,000,000 first doses administered. That’s approximately 1 in 40 doses administered resulting in an adverse reaction. It is likely that there is under-reporting of reactions too. But the reported number of vaccines administered is more likely to be correct. You can go and look up what the reactions comprise on the website provided. And National Records for Scotland will show you your statistics for death from Covid in Scotland on their spreadsheets.

Educate yourselves, and let us know if you have any ideas for how to present these data. We will add a link to the spreadsheet to the website as we do for all our spreadsheets.

Lots of love! ❤

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