Important Letter regarding informed consent

This letter has been sent to the recipients indicated over the weekend. There are two versions of the letter, very similar. One with minor edits. This version attached is the version that was sent out by email to the press, media organisations, all MSPs, all Scottish MPs and some leading health advisers to government.

Please have a read and a think about the contents.

Letter (email) re concerns about informed consent for Covid-19 vaccines

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  • Excellent…thank you for this. Have you also seen the advert aired last night on Scottish television targeted at young people enticing them to get the vaccine, claiming it was safe, and showing foreign holidays as a reason for getting the injection. Absolutely disgusted and very distressing, given the unknowns particularly for younger people. Once again thank you for your work ?

  • Theres a sinister theme going on that is being exposed, our Government will be shown to be on the wrong side. The people of Scotland wont be in a forgiving mindset. Those who have been complicit, we are coming for you

  • Hi Christine, phenomenal work with the letter ! Many of us with scientific training/expertise etc are looking on aghast at what’s going on in Scotland and the world at large. Incompetence or deliberation ? I think both but more now the latter. Scots gov must end these ridiculous totalitarian levels system we have in place where even level 0 is nowhere near true normal is just not good enough ! Lock-downs don’t work, what are we at now, 55 published papers, 7 studies peer reviewed ?

  • In the U.S., the America’s Frontline Doctors group has just gone to court requesting a restraining order to stop the vaccination of children age 12 – 16 years. The brief they have filed in the case, in the course of 80 pages, simply rips apart the rationale for vaccinating anyone at all with the Covid vaccines, let alone children. I recommend checking it out–we need to know how to fight this, and the AFLDS brief is good instruction that way:

  • Fantastic letter. I listened to Reiner Fuellmich yesterday on the Delingpod broadcast. He describes what is happening, with the lack of informed consent, as a crime against humanity. Looking at the stats for the vaccine use in Israel the death rates are horrifying…especially for young people. I thank you for undertaking this. What is happening must be challenged and hopefully stopped. Every GP who mindlessly follows instructions should be held to account.

  • As I understand it:
    1 The information provided, throughout the UK, ever since December 2020 has been inadequate.
    2 The information must be given in such a way that the individual can understand it.
    3 Their correct comprehension of that information must be checked.
    4 They must be given as much time to reflect on what they have been told before deciding as they want.
    5 There must not be any pressure either way. ‘No’ must be as accessible as ‘yes’.
    According to international rules of the procedure for seeking informed consent, without full information and criteria 2 – 5 inclusive met, ‘consent’ is invalid.

  • Great letter and information, hope it makes ‘to whom this may concern’ seriously think and question. I complained to STV about the advert stating the blatant lies it contained. Usual reply, meets the required regulatory standards!
    Thanks for all the work you do providing up to date info, great to be able to access it so easy. Much appreaciated. ?

  • Following up here, to see if you have had any responses to your excellent letter? I’d love to hear if anyone took the trouble to reply to you and what they had to say.

    Thanks for all the work you do here.

  • Breath of fresh air to read other points of view,I am 54 yea old and made an informed decision not to take the MRNA pathogen
    I find it disgusting the way the government and mainstream media is now targeting the youth and younger generations,apparently erectile disfunction is now something COVID can cause, not many young males would like that would they .also 2 jabs to get into a nightclub is BJs latest idea to get the young ones flocking for a jab how pathetic.the people have been duped tell us the FACTS


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