An interesting perspective from the Holyrood Covid Committee

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How does the Scottish Government manage false positives? A member of the public emailed John Mason MSP (member of the parliamentary COVID committee) to ask about that.  They said: 


“…ONS [Office for National Statistics] sampling data demonstrates that covid has extremely low prevalence in the community. This in turn has a huge impact on testing. At such low prevalence (<1%), there are more false positives than true…the more you test, the greater number of false positives there will be. The big question then is, how is the Scottish government managing these false positives, and preventing them from skewing data?”


 John Mason MSP’s answer was:


“I think you are right about being sceptical about test results and not putting too much reliance on them. I think this is broadly the line the Government takes. Testing can be useful but certainly cannot be relied upon by itself.”


Testing is used to measure transmission, hospitalisations and COVID deaths, and ultimately to justify lockdown. Testing has been used to close our schools, destroy our jobs and keep us imprisoned in our homes – and we are told that we should be “sceptical about test results and not [put] too much reliance on them” – because the Government doesn’t rely on them.

The Government must answer the difficult questions about PCR testing and false positives. We need to know why we should be sceptical about testing. There are massive implications from John Mason’s statement that must not be ignored.

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