The Covid debate is still far too narrow

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There is no doubt that over the past year we have been living through truly extraordinary times. There have been two reasons for this. Firstly, the emergence in China last winter of SARS-Cov-2, a newly pathogenic coronavirus that causes significant illness and death. And secondly, our responses to this threat.

As governments around the world have struggled to identify the best ways to cope with the virus, the rules of everyday living have been rewritten. Previously unquestionable freedoms of action and association have been swept away in the name of protecting all of society from the new disease.

Whether or not we have been persuaded of the need for lockdowns, whether we feel they should be soft or hard, whether we think masks are useful or useless, we have all taken views on what has been happening. More than anything else, the question of how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic has become the most polarising issue of our times.

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  • We need to stop ignoring alternative media reasons on the whole Covid19 debate… What did Kary Mullis say about Fauchi please go find out. Or why is Plandemic Indoctornation banned…? you can still get it on Bitchute Why has Covid19 Never been Isolated or identified as a virus properly… It fails the gold standard which is Koch’s postulates… Find me a document that says it meets any of the postulates…? Don’t bother looking it fails on all counts… Find out which companies cream the most profits from this Plandemic and the resultant Vaccines, more importantly who is in the background funding them… you will find Bill Gates a guy who was once a Hero of mine back in the day… I have really had to fight with myself to do a 180 Deg on this guy I’m an ageing computer wizz… This guy and his father before him is a Eugenicist… He even done a Ted Talk where his formula to reduce Climate Change was to lower the world population… You do know he took a polio vaccine to india in the past and Maimed & Sterilised 470.000 young Indian girls by vaccinating them sometimes even without permission of their parents… This guy is Evil personified or Hitler times 1000… Covid19 if it’s not bad Flu It’s Biological warfare… Plus you can’t Patent a Naturally occurring thing like rain or air so why has Covid19 patented. Why does the worlds No.1 Guru have Nobel Prise Winning Doctors on a Bitchute video saying Big Pharma and Big Media are involved in the Genocide of the elderly and those with weaker immune systems and causing suicide in those who can’t handle these lockdowns… Here is the Solution… Allow anyone who wants to isolate to do it no questions asked If they are elderly or have compromised immune systems or are just living in the manufactured fear… give them benefits or pay them wages and let the rest of us key or otherwise workers get Scotland back up and running… If Nicola is blind to this information then why is that… SNP voter all my life and I love Scotland and all folk who live here… If Nicola knows this information and is oblivious or bought off by Bill Gates… how can she ever lead my country to Independence… Believe me It will never happen…Ever…!


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