Take Junction 3 off the road to Hell? That’s the choice ahead on lockdowns

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NOW THAT we have satnav, it’s rare to feel the frustration of travelling in a car where the driver resolutely heads in the wrong direction despite being told repeatedly that ‘it’s the other way!’

That is, unless you’re a critic of lockdowns. All the evidence shows they are pointless, counter-productive, and incredibly destructive, yet a panicked populace and blinkered Governments keep speeding down this desperate and dangerous road.

We missed our first chance to exit when Covid arrived last Spring. We could have chosen to follow the policy of sensible containment originally advocated by Government advisors and this country’s world-class epidemiologists. Instead, we locked down.

“It’ll only be a couple of weeks,” we were told. “That’ll be enough to bring down Covid and get the NHS ready to cope.” What fools we were to believe it! A year later, after months of harsh restrictions and incredibly compliant behaviour, everything is worse than ever.

To read the full article please visit: https://www.thinkscotland.org/thinkbusiness/articles.html?read_full=14413

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