Data for 17th January 2021

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Hello Friends! πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ“°πŸ“‰


Today’s Data 17th January 2021:

1341 new +ve tests (⇩25% on yesterday)

16256 new tests reporting (⇩30%)Β 

This is 8.2% positive percentage rate (⇧1% on yesterday)


In total including repeat tests 1551 were +ve – this is a 9.5% rate.


5382 newly tested individuals reported (⇩11%).


Local data:

Ayrshire and Arran 125, Borders 10, Dumfries and Galloway 48, Fife 75, Forth Valley 74, Grampian 131, Greater Glasgow and Clyde 412, Highland 43, Lanarkshire 226, Lothian 123, Orkney 0, Shetland 3, Tayside 71, Western Isles 0


0 new reported deaths in those who have tested +ve (⇩78)

147 people in ITU with recently +ve test (⇧2)

1918 admitted or moving through hospital with a recently positive test – through the 14 days prior to admission or having tested positive in hospital the last 28 days (⇧3%)



No update since yesterday.



Graph 1 – Positive tests continue on their precipitous drop.

Graph 2 – The percentage positive continues to fall, very rapidly! Newly tested individuals is still flat. I’m not quite sure what is happening with number of new tests – it seems to be climbing but I still think it’s slowing. There are a few new testing programmes starting up in the next week, I understand, so maybe it’s about to go through the roof.

Graph 3 – This is a low tests numbers day today, in both NHS and Community testing.

Graph 4 – You can see how the positivity is dropping, where the test numbers are holding up better than the positive test numbers.

Graph 5 – Positive tests are falling across all regions, having all peaked at the same time.Β 

Graph 6 – Hospital occupancy rise is still appearing to be slowing – as expected when new positive cases have been dropping for a while. ITU occupancy is still climbing but also looks to be slowing.

Graph 7 – ITU is filling up in Glasgow especially. The rest of the picture is a little messy. (Missing regions, or missing data, show where the number of patients was fewer than 5.)

Graph 8 – Hospital occupancy rising everywhere. (As above, missing regions, or missing data, show where the number of patients was fewer than 5.)

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Lots of love ❀

Stay sane 🧠 Stay strong πŸ’ͺ

Christine x


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