Data for 28th January 2021

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Hello Friends! 📰🕵️‍♂️📉


Data 28th January 2021:

1201 new +ve tests (⇩10% on yesterday)

25955 new tests reporting (⇩2%)

This is 4.6% positive percentage rate (⇩0.4%)


In total including repeat tests 1441 were +ve – this is a 5.6% rate (⇩0.6%)


5466 newly tested individuals reported (⇩12%).


Local data:

Ayrshire and Arran 68, Borders 11, Dumfries and Galloway 29, Fife 56, Forth Valley 89, Grampian 94, Greater Glasgow and Clyde 352, Highland 45, Lanarkshire 233, Lothian 150, Orkney 1, Shetland 0, Tayside 64, Western Isles 9


82 new reported deaths in those who have tested +ve (⇩10)

142 people in ITU with recently +ve test (⇩3)

1983 admitted or moving through hospital with a recently positive test – through the 14 days prior to admission or having tested positive in hospital the last 28 days (⇩2%)



As of yesterday, 462092 people have received their first dose of the vaccine and 6596 their second.

This means that since the day before 24192 people were vaccinated with their first dose and 536 with their second.



Graph 1 – No change in the trend of the astonishing fall in positive test numbers. I keep waiting for it to hit a new floor and bounce around there.

Graph 2 – Everything trending down now. New tests, positive percentage, newly tested individuals, and positive tests. The smoothness of the positive percentage trace is in sharp contrast with how it looked last year.

Graph 3 – NHS test numbers second highest ever (after yesterday), and community tests very low. This is a continued trend we see now.

Graph 4 – Positive tests still following the line of total tests, but at a lower ratio.

Graph 5 – Have deaths peaked? Hopefully we’ll see that this week. ITU occupancy falling, hospital occupancy falling.

Graph 6 – There are no regions where there is a rising trend in positive cases. The fall is very high rate.

Graphs 7&8 – ITU occupancy from positive tests makes sense. Are we losing the sense in positive tests to death?

Graph 9 – Concentrating on the green line, we see that ITU occupancy is below the level of the first wave. It’s a broader peak but the fact remains that we have not reached the levels we did in April, not when you look at the picture across the country. Also, the fall in hospital occupancy is clear now.

Graph 10 – Only modest day on day rise seen where it happened in regional ITU occupancy today. Trends still downwards across the country. Several regions are about to fall off the radar because numbers heading below 5.

Graph 11 – Hospital occupancy flat or falling across the country.

Graph 12 – Deaths by week for all causes. You see how covid has become a contributor on a similar scale to cancer and heart disease and stroke….

Graph 13 – …When you see the excess deaths you can see that although covid is a contributor to deaths as stated above, it is not necessarily causing a corresponding excess in deaths, and indeed covid deaths exceeded excess in Week 3. This is a clear indication (could not be any clearer) that covid is replacing other causes of deaths.

Graph 14 – This is just to show how covid deaths compare to all other causes put together.

I’ve had loads of reasonable requests for covid deaths put into context so hope you like these new graphs. Lots of graphs again today!! Well done for getting through them.

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Lots of love ❤

Stay sane 🧠 Stay strong 💪

Christine x


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