Daily data for 13th Dec 2020

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800 new +ve tests (⇩25%)
17236 new tests reporting (⇩26%)

This is 4.6% positive percentage rate – this is the same as yesterday

In total including repeat tests 892 were +ve – a 5.2% rate – this is the same as yesterday

5451 newly tested individuals reported (⇩16%)

Local data:

  • Greater Glasgow and Clyde 179,
  • Lothian 136,
  • Lanarkshire 116,
  • Tayside 73,
  • Grampian 80,
  • Ayrshire and Arran 80,
  • Fife 72,
  • Forth Valley 28,
  • Three island boards 0

2 new reported deaths in those who have tested +ve (⇩37)

47 people in ITU with recently +ve test (⇩5)

1015 come through hospital with a recently positive test – through the 14 days prior to admission or having tested positive in hospital the last 28 days (⇧2%)


Graph 1 – Obviously, positive tests have gone up a bit in the last couple of days. Maybe this is the new ‘Covid Floor’??

Graph 2 – Percentage positives are flat – at around 55% of the maximum – and that is the crucial factor.

Graph 3 – there is good correlation, apparently, between number of tests and number of positive tests returned and how they change.

Graph 4 – I’ve changed this graph a wee bit to include positive test numbers. The hospitalisations have increased recently, while ITU occupancy continues to fall. I think this is a bit strange. As at 9th December, there were 1037 patients delayed in hospital and some of them will certainly contribute to the 1015 occupying hospital beds. The ITU numbers are below a half of the peak. Deaths have been little surprisingly high.. They are not really falling but they fluctuate so much it is a fool’s game trying to predict anything. The last 7 days, there have been 194 deaths, and this is the same number as the previous 7 days. Let’s see what happens this week, but my feeling is that these death numbers are higher than what makes sense because they are not falling even after a significant period of falling positive tests.

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Lots of love this Sunday. ❤

Stay sane – Stay strong 💪

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